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Chapter 570: Tsk, One Million to Three Million

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At the city hospital.

Qiao Nian had just watched Uncle Chen leave the ward.

Chen Yuan followed behind her.

Qiao Nian closed the door and led him to the corner of the corridor. Then, she leaned against the wall and looked at him.

“When are you going back to school?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll stay in the hospital and take care of my dad for now.”

Chen Yuan still didn’t know that most of Wei Qi’s matters had been resolved. When he saw her asking about his school, his expression was obscure and ugly. From the corner of his eye, he saw the man waiting for Qiao Nian not far away.

He had seen him several times.

It was Ye Wangchuan.

He seemed to be Sister Nian’s good friend from Beijing.

However, he was a man. Even if he hadn’t grown into a real man, he knew that men looked at women differently.

When Chen Yuan thought of this, he felt bitter. Even though he had long planned to give up, he still felt uncomfortable when he looked at the girl in front of him. He lowered his eyes and whispered, “…When he feels better, I’ll think of a way to see if I can further my studies in the future.”

When Qiao Nian heard this, she frowned and looked at him angrily. “You’re not going to take the college entrance examination?”

“I…” Chen Yuan lowered his head, not knowing what to say.

Of course, he wanted to take the college entrance examination. However, he had signed a confession letter previously, and there were punishments on his record. No university would want him even if he took the college entrance examination. Why waste three months?

“Why?” After he didn’t say anything after a long time, Qiao Nian thought of something. Her slightly furrowed eyebrows gradually relaxed as she straightened her back and walked over with long and straight legs. She stood facing him and asked with a slightly hoarse voice, “Is it because of Wei Qi?”

Chen Yuan looked up and pursed his lips without saying anything.

But his eyes betrayed his heart.

Qiao Nian could tell at a glance that he had come to this decision because Wei Qi had forced him to sign the confession letter. He thought that he was being disciplined, so he said he wouldn’t take the college entrance examination and would further his studies in the future.

Speaking of which, Chen Yuan and Aunt Chen had the same personality. They were the kind of people who would rather swallow their teeth than tell her because they were afraid of troubling her.

Actually, many things were nothing to her. It wasn’t troublesome at all.

Furthermore, Aunt Chen and her family had treated her so well back then. Even if it was troublesome, she was willing!

Qiao Nian’s eyebrows were a little cold. She patted his shoulder and said softly, “Your punishment has been resolved. Did someone from the Wei family come to look for you?”

Speaking of this, Chen Yuan thought of the group of people who had come last night. He shook his head and looked at her. “A few people came. They gave me a cheque for three million, but I didn’t take it.”

Qiao Nian retracted her hand and responded with an “oh.” It was not strange at all. It had changed from one million to three million. Someone must have played a part in this. She looked at him and said indifferently, “Next time they give it to you, take it. They should have given it in the first place. It’s not like you’re taking advantage of them!”

Chen Yuan shook his head. His still young face was firm and brave. He only said, “I don’t want their money, and neither do my parents.”

If they took that money, it meant that they had forgiven each other.

When Qiao Nian heard that Aunt Chen did not want the money, she did not say anything else. At this moment, her phone rang.

Qiao Nian took it out and looked at the caller ID. It was Shen Hui. She didn’t pick up. Her eyes narrowed as she hung up.

She looked up and said, “Remember to go to school tomorrow.”

With that, she waved the phone in her hand. “I’m leaving.”

Then, she turned around and walked away…

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