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Chapter 57: Spreading Rumors on the School’s Forum

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Some of them even came down from the second floor to have a closer look at the staircase.

Hence, even though Qiao Nian left quickly, people noticed their conversation.

Zhao Jingwei heard about it in Class B that Qiao Chen and Qiao Nian were arguing in the corridor. She immediately came out and saw that Qiao Nian had left. Only Qiao Chen was there with reddened eyes.

She thought that Qiao Chen was crying and hurried over. She patted her on the shoulder and said, “Chen Chen, what’s the matter? Is everything alright, why are you crying?”

Qiao Chen realized that Zhao Jingwei had misunderstood what had happened. She decided to put on an act. She shook her head and said, “I’m fine.”

Angered, Zhao Jingwei wanted to seek justice for her, raised her voice, and asked, “Did Qiao Nian bully you?”

“No, we just had some misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding?”

Qiao Chen wasn’t telling her what happened at the office. It was too humiliating.

“See, you can’t even explain it to me. Stop trying to lie for her.”

Zhao Jingwei held onto her hands angrily.

“Qiao Nian has gone too far. She bullied a student from Class B just because she’s from Class A. Hasn’t she thought about how she took advantage of your family. If your grandma hadn’t realized that she wasn’t biologically related to you, she would have still been living in your family for free as the first lady.”

“Jingwei, stop it… I wasn’t bullied. Sand just got in my eyes…” Qiao Chen pretended to stop her.

However, her way of stopping her just made Zhao Jingwei angrier.

Zhao Jingwei got even madder. She held onto her hands and walked towards Class B. “Let us return to class. She’ll have to get Class B’s permission if she wants to bully you. I’m going to make her apologize to you and leave First High School today!”

When Qiao Nian got to class, the bell rang.

The students in Class A were studious. Most of them would pay attention in class.

She was seated in the last row, next to the wall. There were a lot of books on her table, and it allowed her to play her games and doze off.

As she had quite a few matters to take care of, she needed a quiet place to settle them.

She also checked for updates on her phone.

There were a lot of unread messages.

From the Jiang family, Jiang Li, Wei Lou, Yuan Yongqin, and even Aunt Chen.

Qiao Nian checked each message. She became angry when she saw the latest one.

[Ye Wangchuan: How’s the first day in class?]

Qiao Nian Immediately replied.

[QN: It was an unlucky day for me.]

After replying to everyone, she turned on do-not-disturb mode and started to check the stock market.

The morning session was over after a while.

First High School had a long afternoon break for their students. When Qiao Nian and Shen Qingqing returned from lunch, they heard some discussions in the class.

“The reason why Qiao Nian was able to enter First High School was that her grandpa contributed to the education system in Luohe County? The higher-ups had to approve her entrance?”

“Her full marks during the streaming was because the teachers cheated for her so that she could enter Class A.”

“Are you saying that her results aren’t real?”

“I saw from the forum that she bullied the pretty girl from Class B to the point of tears at the corridor. I’ve seen Qiao Chen from Class B. She’s a gentle and soft-spoken person. Qiao Nian is just being a bully.”

Qiao Nian didn’t react to anything. However, Shen Qingqing was angry after hearing everything. She opened the door and rushed in, going straight to the podium and screaming angrily. “What are you guys saying! Qiao Nian isn’t that kind of person!”

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