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Chapter 569: Calling Qiao Nian to School

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Wu Jie was usually good at her studies and was a good seedling to enter a key university. Shen Hui didn’t want her to get into a dead-end three months before the college entrance examination and ruin herself.

After criticizing her severely, she said gently, “The school will investigate the problem you’ve reported. Delete the post on the forum first and don’t expand the impact of this matter.”

When Wu Jie heard this, she gritted her teeth and suddenly raised her head. She looked at her stubbornly and said, “So Teacher Shen wants to protect Qiao Nian, right?”

Shen Hui didn’t understand why she refused to listen. She pulled a long face and said loudly, “I’m not protecting anyone. It’s just that this matter hasn’t been clarified yet. You can’t unilaterally spread false news on the Internet! This will cause adverse effects to the other students.”

Wu Jie didn’t hear a single word that she said. Her mind was filled with thoughts about the joint examination.

When she heard this, she looked up at the group of form teachers and headmasters in the office. Her hands were clenched into fists as she bit her lips and said firmly, “I know that Qiao Nian did well in Qing University’s joint examination this time. She’s the only one in our school who got into Qing University. The school will definitely not deal with her for the sake of enrollment and glory. That’s why I posted on the forum. I want to blow this matter up!

“So what if she’s good at her studies? For a student who can easily beat someone to a pulp, staying in school is just a black sheep! Today, she can injure others outside the school, and tomorrow, she can bully the other students in school.”

She spoke as if she was righteous and upright. It was as if what she had said was true, and that she had reported Qiao Nian without any selfish motives.

“I want to stand up on behalf of my righteous classmates and report her for this behavior! Before the school deals with her, I will not delete the post on the forum. If you want to delete it, you can get the forum administrator to do it. But if you forcefully delete the post, it will only let the students of the other grades know that Qiao Nian has special privileges in First High School…”

The teachers in the third year of high school looked at each other when they heard this. They had never seen a student who refused to listen and insisted on fooling around.

For a moment, they did not know what to do.

If they just deleted the post on the forum, as she had said, the students of the other grades and their parents who didn’t know the inside story would think that the school was protecting a student who had broken the school rules.

If they didn’t delete it, they would leave the thread alone, and this matter wouldn’t be investigated at all. If they didn’t care about such a post with subjective assumptions, it would be harmful to Class A’s Qiao Nian.

Furthermore, it wasn’t easy for the school to have a good seedling, and she had also been admitted to Qing University. They didn’t understand why Wu Jie had to make things so chaotic. They were all classmates. Why couldn’t she tell the teacher in private like Shen Hui had said and let the school investigate before resolving the matter?

When the form teacher of Class C saw that this matter couldn’t be resolved properly, she glanced at the girl who stood stubbornly on the spot and insisted that they give her an explanation. She looked up at the principal and asked softly, “Principal, how do you think we should handle this now…”

Principal Yu also knew that this matter could not continue like this. Firstly, it would tarnish the school’s reputation. Secondly, Qiao Nian might even take the college entrance examination in the future. How could they continue like this? If this continued, the students’ parents would also cause trouble if they saw this.

He supported his forehead with his hand and said with a headache, “Teacher Shen, please call Qiao Nian and ask her to come to school.”

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