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Chapter 568: Did You Post on the School Forum?

Wu Jie’s heart raced as she thought about it.

When Principal Yu, who was sitting behind his desk, saw her enter, he covered his mouth with his hand and coughed softly. Then, he said gently, “Ahem, Student Wu Jie is here.”

Wu Jie didn’t dare to look him in the eye. She lowered her head and greeted politely, “Hello, Principal.”

“Hello.” Principal Yu was in his forties. His voice was gentle, and he did not blame her. Instead, he advised her not to be nervous. “Student Wu Jie, don’t be nervous. I got Teacher Liu to call you to my office because I have something to ask you.”

Wu Jie let out a sigh of relief. Her rapidly beating heart was slightly less nervous. She looked up with a tense expression and looked at the man sitting in the swivel chair. Her voice was very soft and small. “Principal, you’re asking…”

She knew what Principal Yu wanted to ask. It was definitely related to the post she made last night. She had long been mentally prepared.

Principal Yu took in her expression of “facing death with equanimity” and restrained his gentleness. Then, his expression gradually became serious. He crossed his hands and placed them on the table, then looked at the girl standing in the middle of the office and asked, “Did you post the thread on the school’s forum?”

Unexpectedly, Wu Jie did not have any intention of backing down. She raised her head, straightened her back, and nodded. “Yes, I posted it. I reported Classmate Qiao Nian for breaking the rules…”

The teachers in the principal’s office were all stunned.

Ever since she entered the school, she had always been a weak and timid person. No one could tell that she was the kind of person who would report her classmates on the school’s forum in the middle of the night. Now that she admitted her actions without hesitation, the head teachers were all shocked.

Shen Hui frowned and looked at her. She said anxiously, “Why did you do it? You could have told me first if there was anything…”

Before she could finish, Wu Jie clenched her fists tightly and turned to look at her. Biting her lips stubbornly, she asked, “If I had told you, Teacher Shen, would you have punished Qiao Nian?”

“…” Shen Hui frowned even more tightly. She didn’t understand what she meant. Why did her words sound like she was usually very protective of Qiao Nian? However, as a qualified teacher, even if she already had some emotions in her heart, Shen Hui still told her seriously, “I would have investigated clearly first and found Qiao Nian to ask if it was true. Then, I would have reported it to the Academic Affairs Office and waited for the school to make a decision.”

Wu Jie didn’t believe her at all. Her eyes behind her glasses were cold. She clenched her fists tightly and braced herself. “If Qiao Nian refused to admit it, would you still protect her?”

“I don’t know what you mean by this question. Do you mean that regardless of whether Qiao Nian admits it or not, I should be certain that she has violated the school rules and refuse to protect her?”

Shen Hui’s face darkened, her eyes sharp and serious.

“You guys are classmates. I have never done anything to protect anyone in the past. If there are any problems, we should be speaking the truth instead of bringing our personal emotions into it.”

Wu Jie bit her lip and remained silent, looking aggrieved and stubborn.

“I’m not saying that you can’t report people who violate the school rules. I’m just saying that you have a better way to do this. You shouldn’t have used this kind of method to expose your classmate. What if you made a mistake? What if Qiao Nian didn’t beat someone outside the school as you said? How are you going to make up for this?”

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