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Chapter 567: Who’s Wu Jie? The Principal Is Looking for You

They didn’t deliberately lower their voices when they spoke, nor were they afraid that anyone would hear them.

Therefore, Wu Jie heard it clearly.

When she heard Liang Bowen say that she was jealous of Qiao Nian, she bit her lower lip and deliberately straightened her back. She held the pen firmly in her hand and drew a line on the paper with the tip of the pen.

She wasn’t wrong to say that Qiao Nian had hit someone outside school. Why should they say that she was jealous?

Was it wrong for her to report Qiao Nian for breaking the rules?

She couldn’t report Qiao Nian for doing something wrong just because they were classmates?

What was the difference between this and protecting her!

Wu Jie clenched the pen tightly and told herself that she didn’t do anything wrong. The ones wrong were Shen Qingqing, Liang Bowen, and the others. They were the ones who had ignored the school rules.

However, the gazes of everyone in class fell on her. She originally thought that if she came to class early, people like Jiang Tingting, who did not do well in class A and always surrounded Qiao Nian, would definitely find trouble with her. In the end, Jiang Tingting and the others did not make things difficult for her. They only snorted at her twice and left as if she was air…

Wu Jie felt very uncomfortable at being ignored.

At this moment, Class C’s form teacher happened to pass by. She stuck her head into the classroom and shouted, “Who’s Wu Jie?”

Wu Jie stood up, took a deep breath, and puffed out her chest. “Teacher, I’m Wu Jie.”

Holding the thermos, the class teacher who looked quite friendly glanced at her with a serious expression. It was rare that she did not smile as she said, “Oh, it’s you. Come with me to the principal’s office. The principal is looking for you.”

“Alright, Teacher.” Wu Jie clenched her fists by her sides and put down her pen. Without hesitation, she pulled out a chair and followed her.

The moment she left.

In the back row, Jiang Tingting kicked the table away and said in frustration, “Damn! Why did the principal ask for her? She won’t talk nonsense, right? If it wasn’t for Sister Nian, I would have f*cking attacked her this morning. She’s too cheap! It’s like she learned from someone. Look at her. She’s exactly like someone from Class B.”

Who else could it be? She was definitely talking about Qiao Chen.

Liang Bowen also looked worried. Looking at Wu Jie’s back, he took out his phone and sent a message to Qiao Nian.

In the principal’s office.

Shen Hui and a few Year Three class teachers were there. The principal was also there.

The atmosphere was very serious. No one spoke.

The moment Wu Jie entered, she saw a row of teachers standing or sitting in the bright and spacious office. The other person was the principal, who was sitting in the swivel chair.

She had rarely seen such a scene. She was so nervous that she didn’t know how to walk.

The moment she entered, she greeted them obediently.

“Hello, principal. Hello, Teacher Shen. Hello, teachers.”

Shen Hui was wearing a professional white shirt and a black cardigan. Her hair was combed neatly behind her, and she was expressionless. She looked very serious. Seeing her enter, she gave a faint nod of acknowledgment.

Wu Jie felt that her attitude toward her was much more stern and cold than before.

She bit her lip and recalled what Qiao Chen had said on the phone last night.

She said that she and Qiao Nian were the only ones in their class who had participated in Qing University’s joint examination. If she didn’t get in but Qiao Nian did, Shen Hui would definitely be biased toward the student who got in. After all, Qiao Nian represented the honor of their class…

She didn’t believe it at first. After all, Shen Hui had always been very fair. She had never seen her favor anyone.

At this moment, her heart turned cold. She believed Qiao Chen’s words now.

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