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Chapter 563: Wu Jie’s Real Name


Qiao Nian was still in a daze and her mind was still groggy. She rubbed her temples lazily and replied casually, “So what if it exploded? I’m not a police officer.”

It seemed like a place like First High School’s forum was not under her control. The school forum usually had a moderator. What did it have to do with her?

“No.” Shen Qingqing was quite anxious and couldn’t explain it clearly for a while. She only said, “The school’s forum exploded because of you. Sister Nian, quickly get up and take a look. I think there will be trouble at school today!”

Qiao Nian didn’t want to care about the small conflicts in school. She still planned to visit Uncle Chen at the hospital today.

Anyway, her quota for Qing University had been decided. Shen Hui didn’t care much about her. She could go to school or not, it depended on her.

However, since Shen Qingqing was in such a hurry, Qiao Nian still forced herself to get out of bed after hanging up. As she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash up, she slowly picked up her phone and searched for First High School’s school forum.

There was indeed a popular post on the top.

It was from Wu Jie.

It was sent at midnight last night.

It had risen to first place at 8:00 AM this morning, followed by the word “hot topic.” It was obvious how popular it was.

She glanced at it and saw her name on the thread.

— I’m going to report my senior year classmate in Class A for hitting someone outside of school!

“…” Qiao Nian gritted her teeth. Her temples throbbed, and her eyes were cold and dry. She was very annoyed.

Even Liang Bowen didn’t know that she had hit Wei Qi. How did Wu Jie know about this? A figure appeared in her mind.

She opened the thread expressionlessly.

The thread wrote: Hello, everyone. I’m Wu Jie from First High School’s Year Three Class A. I want to report to the entire school about Qiao Nian’s assault outside the school. Qiao Nian usually likes to form cliques in class and isolate the other students. This time, she beat someone outside the school for no reason and broke three ribs of the victim. Her behavior is bad, and she severely broke the school’s rules! On behalf of all the students, I severely condemn this kind of despicable behavior and request the school to punish such students who break the school rules severely!

Qiao Nian’s casual gaze landed on the words “forming cliques” and “isolating other students”. She looked away coldly.

She casually scrolled through the comments below.

Not long after Wu Jie’s post was posted, someone replied.

It was obvious that there were many sleepless night owls among the students.

[Peach’s Sweetness: Wow! There’s such an explosive post in the middle of the night. Senior Sister Qiao Nian from Class A? I’ve heard of her. She’s very pretty. Many boys in our class gossiped about her in private, saying that she’s the campus belle of First High School. It turns out that the campus belle also fights. ━((*′д`)爻(′д`*))━!!!!]

[Flying Cat: I didn’t see how Qiao Nian bullied her classmates. Instead, I saw the OP’s jealous face.]

[Hehe, my son is the one on the first floor: Report her by name?? That awesome??]

[You don’t understand Daddy’s posture: Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen such an exciting post. OP is awesome! I support you.]

[Question is nonsense: There’s nothing to say. Wait for the school to settle the results.]

When she flipped through two pages, they were filled with nonsense. Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to read them and left.

At this moment, Liang Bowen, Jiang Tingting, Chen Yuan, and the others had all sent her messages. Qiao Nian didn’t read any of them. She calmly brushed her teeth and washed up, changed her clothes, and went downstairs with her phone.

Gu San, Jiang Li, and the others had not woken up yet.

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