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Chapter 561: You Said Qiao Nian Beat Someone…

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“Chen Chen, pigeon soup…” Shen Qiongzhi saw that she was going upstairs and did not bother arguing with Qiao Weimin. She called out to her from behind.

“No, I don’t want it.”

Qiao Chen’s face and lips were pale as she hurried upstairs.

Upstairs, she closed the door as soon as she entered the room. She threw her bag on the bed and pulled a chair to sit down in frustration.

Biting her lips, her heart was in a mess and she couldn’t calm down.

Now, almost everyone thought that Qiao Nian hadn’t been accepted by Qing University.

She couldn’t imagine how everyone would react when they saw Qiao Nian’s results after the results were released!

Her parents were fine. Even if they couldn’t wait for Qiao Nian to fail, they wouldn’t take their anger out on her just because she did well.

However, Qiao Chen knew very well that Wei Ling wasn’t like that.

The reason why she could successfully get a spot in the music exchange this time was partly that Wei Ling wanted to take revenge on Qiao Nian. If Wei Ling knew that Qiao Nian had also entered Qing University and had even done better than her, would she still help her unconditionally? She wasn’t sure herself…

Frustrated, she took out her phone from her bag. She really wanted to call Fu Ge and ask him about the details of Wen Ziyu and Qiao Nian’s joint examination.

For example, if Qiao Nian did so well, why did Wen Ziyu say that Qiao Nian had chosen the Chinese Medicine Faculty?

Another example was which mentor was in charge of Qiao Nian in the Chinese Medicine Faculty and if she had any other facilitation majors. For example, Liang Lu’s Clinical Department.

She wanted to know all these.

Qiao Chen had already finished typing her message, but she still had not sent it.

Lowering her curved eyelashes, she deleted all the words she had typed in frustration and placed her phone back on the table, feeling extremely conflicted.

She really wanted to find out about Qiao Nian’s joint examination, but if she asked Fu Ge, it would be equivalent to telling him that Qiao Nian really got in and had even scored 650 points.

Previously, she had gone to the Imperial Mansion for a meal with Fu Ge to celebrate her admission to Qing University.

She had also unintentionally mentioned to him that Qiao Nian hadn’t managed to get into Qing University. She had said that Qiao Nian would return to Rao City in disappointment if she didn’t get into Qing University. Now, if she sent a message asking him to ask his roommate which department Qiao Nian was in, wasn’t it equivalent to slapping herself in the face?


Qiao Chen’s life had been smooth-sailing, and this was the first time she had suffered such a blow in the past month. Even the matter of the concert wasn’t a problem for her.

She hugged her knees with both arms and buried her head in them. After an unknown period of time, Shen Qiongzhi knocked on the door. She said that the pigeon soup was ready and brought her a bowl. Qiao Chen didn’t even look up and only said quietly that she wanted to sleep and did not want to drink it.

Until her phone rang persistently.

Lost in her thoughts, the girl finally looked up. She reached for her phone on the table and looked at the caller ID.

With this glance, the frustration and anxiety on her face dissipated like the wind. Her eyes flashed as she picked up the call.


The person on the other end of the line did not speak for a long time.

Qiao Chen controlled her temper and looked at her phone again. When she saw that she was still on the line, she placed it by her ear and said gently, “Student Wu Jie, why are you calling me so late at night?”

Actually, she could roughly guess why Wu Jie was looking for her. However, Wu Jie was like a piece of straw that had delivered itself to her door. She happened to be able to resolve her urgent needs!

Therefore, she had enough patience to wait for her to speak!

As expected.

The person on the other end of the line was silent for a full two minutes before asking her obscurely, “Chen Chen, this afternoon, you said that Qiao Nian hit someone…”

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