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Chapter 519: Sister Nian Is Master Wang’s Wife

Qiao Nian’s room was on the second floor.

She only remembered that she forgot something when she went downstairs. Thus, she went back to her room to retrieve her things before going down again.


Jiang Li had been pacing around for a long time and couldn’t hold it in anymore. Looking at the man who came back in the middle of last night, he asked anxiously, “Master Wang, why isn’t Nian Nian up yet? It’s already noon. Should I go up to check on her?”

Ye Wangchuan looked as if he didn’t sleep all night. His eyes were bloodshot and dark as he leaned on the sofa with his legs propped up while reading a magazine. He looked calm as usual and only squinted lazily when he heard him. Without looking up, he said, “She didn’t rest well this week. Let her sleep longer.”

Gu San made two cups of coffee and put one in front of the lazy man. He took a sip, yawned, and said sleepily to Jiang Li, who was walking back and forth, “Yes, Young Master Jiang. Don’t keep moving around, you’re making me dizzy.”

“Miss Qiao didn’t rest well this week because she was preparing for the exam and other activities. She stayed up late last night as well. It’s normal for her to sleep more in the morning, so don’t worry.”

Jiang Li glanced at him and said angrily, “Nonsense. She’s not your sister, so of course, you’re not worried. Since she’s my biological cousin, of course, I’m worried about her.”

The corner of Gu San’s mouth twitched. He glanced at the man sitting comfortably on the sofa and almost said something back on impulse.

Miss Qiao was Master Wang’s wife, and even he was calm. Why was he worrying as her cousin?

But when the words came to his lips, he was still sensible and knew that Jiang Li was very defensive when it came to Qiao Nian. He swallowed back his words and said, “I’m concerned about Miss Qiao even though she’s not my cousin. However, she only slept in. Young Master Jiang, your reaction might be too exaggerated since you don’t allow her to sleep in…”

Jiang Li wanted to say it was just a mere matter of sleeping in. Last night when Qiao Nian came back, she immediately went to sleep. He didn’t even have the time to ask her how to solve Wei Qi’s matter and the Wei Family’s attitude towards her. He didn’t sleep last night and could only wait for Qiao Nian to wake up to ask her about it. However, Qiao Nian hadn’t gotten up yet, and it was almost noon…

Jiang Li started to wonder if he should go up and knock on her door again. Looking up, he saw a thin figure appearing upstairs from the corner of his eye.

His eyes lit up.

He didn’t manage to call her when someone beat him to the punch and yelled loudly, “Sister, you’re awake!”

Jiang Li was just about to call Nian Nian and almost choked on his saliva.

He cursed silently in his heart. Damn it!

They were all trying to compete with him! It was so unfair!

Qiao Nian had just woken up and felt a little drowsy because she slept for too long. The back of her head was still a little sore.

Holding something in her hand, she slowly walked down. Hearing someone call her, she looked down.

When she saw the little guy jumping on the side of the sofa, she narrowed her eyes. The expression on her beautiful and delicate face softened and she walked straight to him. After that, she handed the game software to him.

“A gift.”

Her voice was wild and lazy.

So handsome!

“You bought a gift for me?”

Ye Qichen looked at the seven or eight games in his arms and immediately recognized the shooting game cover.

His snow-white face was flushed with excitement, and he didn’t hide his happiness. He almost jumped in joy. He stared at it before looking at Qiao Nian again in glee and saying excitedly, “Thank you, Sister!”

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