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Chapter 518: Wanting to Invite Many People

“Tell Aunt Chen I said goodbye.” She looked down with a wild expression before changing her mind. “Forget it, I’ll treat you another day to thank the person who helped you.”

Chen Yuan had already guessed who helped him. As a man, he was actually quite uncomfortable and felt a little awkward.

But after this time, he thoroughly saw the gap between him and Qiao Nian. Not only did he lack experience, but he also lacked in many other areas. Perhaps only that Master Wang was suitable to stay by Sister Nian’s side.

After he let out a foul breath, he insisted. “No need, Sister Nian. I’ll treat him. I saved some money and put it in the bank before I dropped out of school before. There’s not much, but a meal should be fine. Besides, he helped me. I can’t possibly ask you to help me treat him to a meal. It’s not good…”

Qiao Nian knew him. He was stubborn like a cow, but he had strong self-esteem. She didn’t force Chen Yuan and only agreed after thinking for a moment. “Sure. But I’ll choose the place, so you don’t have to worry about this.”

She had known Ye Wangchuan for a long time and probably understood his taste. He liked sweet things and preferred Zhejiang cuisine. He also couldn’t eat spicy food.

The food at Waterside Loft was good but expensive.

Considering Aunt Chen and Chen Yuan’s personalities, they wouldn’t let her pay the bill no matter what. It’d also be too obvious if she gave them a discount at the cashier.

Qiao Nian intended to find a place nearby that served good food at a reasonable price. She also wanted to invite Ye Wangchuan, Gu San, and Old Master Su as they helped her. She considered inviting Cai Gang as he put in a lot of effort as well… She counted with her fingers, and it seemed that she wanted to invite many guests.

Since she wanted to invite Ye Wangchuan and Gu San for a meal, she couldn’t leave out the little guy and Jiang Li. Otherwise, considering their tempers, they would become difficult and sulky…

Qiao Nian leaned on the edge of the table in an irritable mood.

Aunt Yuan also helped to check Chen Yuan’s location. If she came back from overseas, she would have to call her, and this would increase her guest list.

“We’ll talk about it next time. I’ll let you know when I’m sure of the date.” Qiao Nian frowned. Her eyes were as dark as ink and her voice was hoarse as if she just woke up. She lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes slightly curled up. A faint shadow was cast under her eyelids. “Take care of Aunt Chen and make sure they don’t worry. I’ll definitely get an explanation from those who framed you.”

She couldn’t let Wei Qi’s matter affect Chen Yuan’s entrance examination!

He was definitely going to take the college entrance examination!

Chen Yuan didn’t care about that and only said, “Whatever happens to me isn’t important. It’s fine as long as you aren’t dragged down, Sister Nian. Otherwise, my mom will beat me to death.”

He was serious. If he implicated Qiao Nian, his mom might really disown him!

Qiao Nian knew Aunt Chen’s character and said faintly, “I know. I’m hanging up.”

After that, she hung up. She looked at the remaining battery. There was only 50% left. It was barely enough.

Qiao Nian thought about many things. Deciding not to charge her phone anymore, she took it, opened the door, and walked out of her room.

Jiang Li had made a lot of money in the entertainment industry over the years. As one of the popular stars, he had many activities every day and earned endorsement fees from more than a dozen brands. He earned a large sum just from these alone.

Thus, his investment in real estate was substantial. His single-story villa in Rao City was at least 300 square meters, divided into two floors, and had a parking lot underground. It was definitely a luxury home.

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