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Chapter 514: Maybe the Pressure to Perform Is Too High

Hearing that, he couldn’t help but laugh. “The advertisers are so dedicated this year. They’re still trying to perform well at night.”

Qiao Nian saw that the number’s area code wasn’t a local Rao City number. Her eyes were dark and her lips were pursed. In annoyance, she casually said, “Maybe you’re right. The pressure to perform is too high.”

“Master Wang, Miss Qiao isn’t answering your call?” In a red Buick, Gu San turned around to look at the man sitting in the back seat.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t know that he was reduced to an advertiser who was pressured to perform by two people. At this moment, he pursed his lips, slowly put down the phone, and said nothing as he glanced at the call which was hung up ruthlessly.

However, Gu San gloated. “It’s too bad that your mobile phone is dead and you have to lose mine. Miss Qiao doesn’t have my Beijing phone number. Maybe she thinks that it’s a harassing call.”

However, it felt good to see Master Wang’s call being rejected!

He only dared to think about it. Once Ye Wangchuan looked over, he immediately hid his gloating expression and said sincerely, “Master Wang, how about you try calling Miss Qiao a few more times? Perhaps she might pick it up.”

Of course, there was a possibility that Qiao Nian wouldn’t answer the call and even blacklist the number in annoyance.

Ye Wangchuan obviously thought of that possibility. He squinted his eyes and returned the phone to him. “Forget it. It’s so late. Maybe she wants to rest. I’ll call her tomorrow.”

Gu San quietly took the phone back and wanted to say that it wouldn’t hurt to give Miss Qiao another call if he cared so much about her.

However, he swallowed his words and said instead, “Besides, Cai Gang just said that Miss Qiao left with Old Master Su. With him around, you don’t have to worry about Miss Qiao’s safety. However, what are you planning to do about this matter involving the Wei Family?”

They had already arrived outside the Wei Residence and just had to go in.

Before Master Wang received the documents from Miss Qiao, he felt that this matter was not easy to handle. If Miss Qiao wasn’t there, the Wei Family might not be willing to settle the issue.

However, with Master Wang present, the Wei Family would at least give him face. But this method would lead to some grievances.

He had followed Ye Wangchuan for so many years and had never seen him lower himself before. Although he was doing it for Miss Qiao as there was no way out, he was still a little unwilling.

Now, he had completely changed his mindset.

Miss Qiao had something that could implicate Wei Qi, and using it would put the Wei Family in an uncomfortable situation.

The situation had completely reversed. At this moment, it wasn’t the Wei Family that could decide what to do with Miss Qiao, but what they could do to avoid the negative situation.

If Master Wang wanted Wei Qi to die today, the Wei Family could only gnash their teeth and hold in their anger.

Gu San was quite excited at the moment. He wished that they could go in quickly and look at the expression of that Eldest Daughter of the Wei Family who was so difficult to deal with.

Ye Wangchuan wanted to ask Qiao Nian for her opinion, but the call couldn’t get through. His eyes were deep as he curled his fingers around his knees. He seemed to be thinking about this matter as he squinted his eyes.

“Let’s show it to them first. As for where it will end up, it depends on their attitudes.”

He remembered that Wei Dongshan also used his power to expel Qiao Nian. He heard that Wei Ying didn’t even turn up to meet Old Master Jiang, who had come to plead on Qiao Nian’s behalf, for two hours and was extremely arrogant.

The Wei Family was always ruthless in their ways. Thus, he wanted to see their faces when they admitted defeat.

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