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Chapter 512: When You Think That You’re on the Fifth Floor, Sister Nian Is in the Atmosphere!

“Why are you talking about giving favors? Didn’t I say before that we shouldn’t be so calculative about these things? If you’re so calculative, you’ll make us feel distant from each other.”

Su Huaiyuan knew she didn’t like to owe people anything, especially favors. However, she didn’t care much if people owed her something.

“You better not give me any more pills. I haven’t finished the pills you gave me in the past. I’ll let you know when I finish them.”

Qiao Nian was a little helpless. She hadn’t said that she was compensating him with pills, but she did have this thought before!

Seeming to know what she was thinking, Su Huaiyuan smiled. “You haven’t said anything, but I guessed your thoughts.”

He paused and added, “I didn’t do much. Even if you give me more pills, I will feel bad about accepting such a valuable gift from you. If you really want to thank me, you can treat me to a meal at Waterside Loft in the future.”

He said half-jokingly, “It’s not easy to reserve a table there without you since you’re the boss. I’ve not eaten there for a long time, and I miss the chef’s cooking.”

The Su family chauffeur was driving and listening to the gossip attentively. He was mainly curious about their relationship. Hearing this, his foot shook and he almost stepped on the accelerator. Luckily, he composed himself quickly and didn’t make such a big mistake!

When he recovered from his shock, he looked at Qiao Nian through the rearview mirror with a complicated expression!

How old was this girl?

She was at most 18 or 19 years old, and she was still studying.

He just followed Old Master Su’s orders to pick someone up. He thought that the person was a lazy second-generation aristocrat that didn’t study properly and liked causing trouble outside.

He was a little confused now.

The Su family was located in the neighboring city. However, he drove Su Huaiyuan all year round and often followed him around, so how could he not know about Waterside Loft?

Waterside Loft was a private restaurant that specialized in Cantonese cuisine. It was famous for its delicious food and elegant environment. It was hard to get a reservation there.

It was famous even in the neighboring city.

Many people would drive to Rao City to have a meal there. This was how famous Waterside Loft was in the area.

It was said that the boss of Waterside Loft had a very good relationship with the Cheng Feng Corporation. He initially thought that he was a middle-aged man in his forties. He didn’t expect that… The boss behind the famous Waterside Loft was a high school student who just turned 18 years old!

Sure enough, this world was unbelievable.

You think that you’re on the fifth floor, but someone else is already in the atmosphere. You won’t ever reach her level no matter how high you jump!

Qiao Nian didn’t notice the driver’s reaction. The air condition in the car was very strong. A little uncomfortable, after seeking Su Huaiyuan’s advice, she opened one-third of the window to let some fresh air in.

With the fresh air flowing in, she felt a little drowsy and nodded without thinking much. “Sure, just tell me when you want to go.”

“It’s a deal, then.”

Su Huaiyuan was elated. Suddenly, he thought of something. “By the way, why did you beat Wei Qi?”

He received a text message from Qiao Nian and immediately asked someone to check what had happened.

After some investigation, he received a huge scare.

Qiao Nian actually beat Wei Qi up!

This was not a small matter.

Wei Ying was well known for fighting with someone over minor details. Wei Qi was her youngest son, whom she gave birth to when she was over 30 years old. Since she gave birth to a son at an old age, he was extremely precious to her.

Now that Qiao Nian had beaten him up, the Wei family wouldn’t let it go lightly.

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