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Chapter 510: Elder Su Came to Pick Her Up Personally

He looked up.

Wei Ling looked at him with disdain and deliberately asked casually, “Chief Cai, Wei Qi was beaten up to a level 10 handicap. How do you think this matter should be judged?”

The level of disability referred to a person’s disability. It was determined by the severity of the disability. Generally, disability was divided into levels ranging from one to ten.

Level 10 disability sounded serious, but Level 1 was actually the most serious.

Level 10 was similar to light injuries.

Most of the time, the hospital could not determine if the injured belonged to a level 10 disability or light injuries. If the light injuries were serious, they could be written as a level 10 disability. If the level 10 disability was light, it could also be written as light injuries.

However, in the end, if Wei Qi was only slightly injured, then Qiao Nian wasn’t breaking the law. She only needed to compensate and apologize.

But if Wei Qi was disabled, it would be hard to say.

Wei Ling had grasped this point accurately, so she got someone to send Wei Qi to the provincial hospital and came up with a new injury report. Initially, she wanted the report to make his condition more serious, but she didn’t know how Qiao Nian did it. No matter what, the provincial hospital refused to write anything more serious. They told her that they could at most come up with a level 10 disability report, or it would be a light injury…

Coming back to her senses, she stopped thinking about it and said in a deep voice, “Previously, you said that you guys didn’t investigate clearly and couldn’t close the case rashly. Now that the injury analysis has been done, Wei Qi has been beaten until he’s disabled. As for me, I don’t like to make things difficult for others. I want an explanation right now. Tell me, can you close the case and seek justice for my brother?”


The case definitely couldn’t be closed. Closing the case was equivalent to admitting that Qiao Nian had intentionally hurt someone.

Being pressured by her, Cai Gang really didn’t know how to find an excuse to absolve Qiao Nian, but he definitely had to think of a way to protect her. He said in a low voice, “The test results from the city hospital said that it was a light injury, but Madam Shen’s test results showed that it’s a level 10 disability. I don’t know which hospital’s results are accurate…”

“It seems like Chief Cai won’t shed a tear until he sees the coffin.” Wei Ling snorted coldly. “Don’t beat around the bush. I’m not that easy to deceive. According to your rules, the results will definitely be based on the higher-ranking hospital. If the provincial hospital says that Wei Qi is disabled, then he is. If you don’t even know how to handle such a simple case, I can only get someone who knows how to handle it!”

She wanted to transfer Qiao Nian away.

“No!” Cai Gang objected without hesitation.

Wei Ling had given him enough face. Seeing that he was being stubborn and still wanted to shield Qiao Nian, she didn’t want to waste time with him. She was about to tell Wei Dongshan to find someone to replace Cai Gang when Wei Dongshan hurried in with an ugly expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Wei Dongshan walked quickly to her, his face turning green. He first looked at Cai Gang, then looked at her. A little dispirited, he said, “Elder Su is here. His car is outside. He wants to take Qiao Nian away…”

He had really seen a ghost today. With Elder Su’s status, why would he especially come over for an ordinary high school student? Furthermore, when he spoke to him, his attitude was very firm, and there was no room for negotiation. Even when he suggested that Qiao Nian had injured Wei Qi, the other party did not care at all. He wasn’t afraid of becoming enemies with the Wei family at all. It was that kind of attitude. He wanted her!

Wei Ling frowned. “Which Elder Su?”

“Su Huaiyuan.”

Wei Ling was stunned.

Wei Dongshan looked at her in frustration with an obscure gaze. “Isn’t she just an ordinary high school girl? How does she know Elder Su?”

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