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Chapter 509: A New Test Result

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Jiang Zongnan said, “No other student scored full marks in Qing University’s joint examination. You’re already in your third year, so you should know very well how difficult the joint examination questions in your school are. Nian Nian was able to score full marks in such a difficult situation. Tell me, how shocking is her talent in studies? If she’s disqualified, Qing University won’t be able to recruit her! That’s why your grandfather and I are so anxious.”

Jiang Xianrou didn’t hear what he said after hearing that Qiao Nian scored full marks and was even admitted to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty.

Although she didn’t understand why Qiao Nian didn’t get admitted to the Clinical Department but was chosen by the worst faculty in Qing University, she couldn’t accept it when her father told her in a serious tone that Qiao Nian had successfully entered Qing University!

“… If Nian Nian hadn’t encountered such a thing, we would have been anxious too if you had encountered such a thing today. That’s the same reason!” Jiang Zongnan said firmly.

Jiang Xianrou was in a daze and her heart was in a mess. She didn’t pay attention to what he was saying and could only listen to his words.

However, Tang Wanru heard him clearly. Furthermore, they had been married for many years. She immediately understood what her husband meant. Qiao Nian was also a part of the family. In his heart, he treated the two of them equally!

She couldn’t stand this. One was her biological daughter, and the other was a niece they had just found. How could they be the same?


However, in front of Old Master Jiang, she didn’t dare to argue with him directly. She could only suppress the discomfort in her heart and purse her lips. Her face was pale, and she was unwilling to speak.

However, she sneered in her heart. She wanted to watch the show!

So what if she got into Qing University? So what if she got full marks? Not to mention the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, just the fact that Qiao Nian had beaten Wei Qi up this time meant that the Wei family wouldn’t let this matter rest. Old Master had personally gone to the Wei family to plead for leniency, but he had been rejected. She didn’t believe that there was still room for negotiation in this matter. Therefore, a rock was a rock. No matter how much she supported it, it was ultimately a useless thing!


Old Master Jiang didn’t care what the people in the family thought. His mind raced as he made up his mind. He planned to risk his face to beg for help.

“I’ll visit the Wei family again tomorrow. They’ll have to see me eventually.”

In the police station, Wei Ling had already gotten the latest injury report. She took the items and walked to Cai Gang, who was still there. She expressionlessly slapped the report in front of him and raised her chin slightly, indicating for him to take a look.

“Chief Cai, this is the new report on Wei Qi’s injuries that I got the provincial hospital to appraise. Take a look?”

When Cai Gang saw that she had come up with a new injury report, his heart skipped a beat. He picked up the leather bag in front of him and said quickly, “Isn’t there an injury report at the city hospital? Madam Shen, why did you get another…”

“Heh.” Wei Ling sneered and crossed her arms. Her fox fur coat made her face look more domineering, and the corners of her ears were sharp. She said calmly, “The results of just one hospital are not worth looking at. It’s better to find a few more hospitals to take a look at. Chief Cai, let’s see the results first!”

Cai Gang would read it even without her saying so.

He didn’t look at the densely packed projects and indicators. He couldn’t understand those things. He flipped straight to the last page.

The report was written in an exacerbated script: “Based on the patient’s disability results, we believe the patient is at level ten.”

These words looked light and weightless, but Cai Gang could feel the cold sweat on his back.

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