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Chapter 508: A Slap in the Face

She pursed her lips and said indifferently, “After all, Qiao Nian hit someone. It’s understandable that they want to cancel her education. There’s nothing we can do…”

She was right, but she was too calm and did not seem to care.

Jiang Zongnan frowned and looked at her. “You don’t understand. Nian Nian can’t be disqualified. She…”

Jiang Xianrou was beside them as well. When she saw her grandfather and father getting anxious over Qiao Nian’s matter, she felt the same way as Tang Wanru. She even felt some disdain and contempt. When she heard this, she interrupted, “I don’t understand, either. Dad, why can’t she be disqualified?”

In her opinion, Qiao Nian was in the wrong this time. No matter the reason, Qiao Nian shouldn’t have been reckless and hurt someone.

Why couldn’t they sit down and have a good chat?

It was fine if she made a move, but now she was sent to the police station and still needed her family to worry about her. What a troublemaker!

“I don’t think her grades are good, either. I don’t know if she will be able to enter university in the future. Compared to her disqualification, I think it’s better to be worried about what the Wei family will do to let this go!”

Jiang Zongnan heard her say in a light tone, “Qiao Nian’s grades are not necessarily good. I wonder if she will be able to enter university in the future.” He felt an inexplicable sense of mockery. If someone else had said this to him, he might have sneered. However, the person who said this was his biological daughter. He couldn’t bring himself to laugh.

Looking at their indifferent attitudes, he knew that they had never taken Nian Nian seriously from the beginning. They even looked down on her from the bottom of their hearts…

Veins popped out on his forehead as he said anxiously, “Do you know that Nian Nian scored full marks for this year’s Qing University examination?!”

Both Tang Wanru and Jiang Xianrou were stunned by his words.

Jiang Xianrou’s heart skipped a beat as she instinctively held her mother’s arm tightly. Her eyelids twitched. “Dad, are you joking with me? This joke isn’t funny at all.”

She had been very confident in her grades since she was young. Not many people her age had better grades than her, let alone those outside.

From the bottom of her heart, she did not treat her newly found cousin as her competitor. How promising could a person from a small city be?

However, her heart had indeed skipped a beat earlier, and she became a little nervous.

“The Headmaster of Qing University told your grandfather personally. Do you think I’m joking with you?” Jiang Zongnan felt his head hurt even more when he saw her unconsciously showing contempt. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he decided to make his attitude clear. “Nian Nian has been admitted to the Qing University’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Department. This is already a done deal. When the college entrance examination ends and the files are released, Qing University will transfer her files in…”

Before the college entrance examination ended, no school was allowed to privately obtain student records. Therefore, it had been like this for a long time. Be it the students who were guaranteed admission or those who were admitted for the college entrance examination, they were all waiting for the college entrance examination to end before receiving their admission notices.

It was the same for the students participating in Qing University’s joint examination.

During this period, if the students could freely choose if they wanted to take the college entrance examination or not, they could choose to enroll in another school after the college entrance examination ended.

Of course, she would only be taking the college entrance examination and not filling in her application. In the end, she would still have to study at the school and major that she had been guaranteed.

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