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Chapter 48: Master Wang’s Killer Pat on Her Head

Outside the police station.

Gu San was in the driver’s seat, and the man he was driving looked rather outstanding, with good-looking, deep-set facial features. The window was open and he had one arm out the window. The beaded bracelet on his wrist was eye-catching, and he resembled a lion at rest—his every move came with a classy and imposing aura.

Much of the ferocity in Ye Wangchuan’s eyes dissipated the moment he saw her walk out. His eyes deepened, and a hoarse voice sounded, “You’re out already?”

“Mm.” Qiao Nian opened the door and placed her bag inside before hopping in. She said, “I met Officer Cai and we spoke a little, so I got delayed.”

“Oh.” Ye Wangchuan didn’t seem shocked at all. Once she got into the car, he wound the window up and ordered Gu San, “Head back to Jiang Li’s villa.”

“Yes, Master Wang.”

The car started slowly.

Gu San looked into the rearview mirror to spy on the happenings in the backseat throughout the journey. The more he looked at Qiao Nian’s fair and beautiful face, the more interested he got.

Ooh~ Master Wang actually went to eat at a roadside stall with the Jiang family’s newly-acknowledged rich miss.

And he even got into a fight on the streets!

What was this, an old man being wild as a teenager?

Master Wang had followed Buddhist teachings for so long, but was turning back to his rebellious 18-year-old self?

His observation wasn’t subtle enough.

Qiao Nian was looking out the window the whole time but still realized that Gu San had been looking at her.

Finally, they arrived at the villa.

Ye Wangchuan got off the car first.

Qiao Nian then got her schoolbag and hopped off.

“Wait a moment.” He suddenly got closer to her. His tall figure towered over her as his elongated shadow loomed before her.

Qiao Nian felt as if she was being forced into a corner. Her breathing quickened slightly, and she looked up intuitively. Her eyes were bright even as she frowned.

Ye Wangchuan seemed to visually check her, making sure that she wasn’t injured. Then, he placed a hand on her forehead, so lightly and so gently. His touch felt somewhat warm.

“It’s good that you aren’t hurt! You have class tomorrow, rest early now.”


He was standing so close to her that she could feel his breath on her neck. His voice was so low, Qiao Nian’s heart skipped a beat. She shrunk slightly as her body stiffened and said unnaturally, “Oh, mm, alright.”

Ye Wangchuan chuckled as he saw how she looked like a hedgehog with its spikes up. He then stepped aside to make way for her.

Qiao Nian hurriedly grabbed her bag and left as if she was trying to flee from danger. “You should rest early too, I’ll go home first!”

With that, she ran off.

Gu San watched how Master Wang flirted this whole time and was so close to gouging his own eyes out.

Damn, as a single man, he was going blind from all the sparks flying!

No wonder Young Master Jiang and the rest were always saying that Master Wang simply did not like to hit on girls. If he actually liked and wanted to, he would be able to get any girl in the city.

The doting and caring look in Master Wang’s eyes just now warmed even Gu San, a fully grown man.

But Young Master Jiang’s younger sister… seemed a little too young, no?

Although Master Wang himself wasn’t old, Miss Qiao was still in high school.

Moreover, compared to this girl who had been raised by an adoptive family all this while, wasn’t First Miss Jiang more outstanding and more suitable for Master Wang…

Gu San eyed Ye Wangchuan with a complex expression, but Ye Wangchuan seemed to be in a good mood and was even smiling. Hence, Gu San swallowed his words instead.

Now that Qiao Nian had gone into the house, he said, “Master Wang, Elder Ye heard about you going to the police station. He asked you to give him a call.”

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