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Chapter 47: 180-degree Change in Attitude

“Officer Cai?”

“Oh.” The fact that Cai Gang managed to rise to such a high post before he reached the age of 40 was already proof that he wasn’t a simple man. Cai Gang could tell from the beginning that Qiao Weimin didn’t have a good relationship with Qiao Nian. Cai Gang subtly glanced at the Qiao Nian and made a quick judgment. Then, his expression went cold as he distanced himself from Qiao Weimin and smiled strangely. “Chairman Qiao, why do you seem to know this case better than I do?”

Qiao Weimin heard the sarcasm in his voice and stiffened up. He had no idea why Cai Gang was nice to him earlier but turned so cold just a moment later. Cai Gang was even embarrassing him now.

But Cai Gang was the commissioner of this district. Although he wasn’t the overall chief, he did have some power and authority. Hence, Qiao Weimin bore with the embarrassment and forced an awkward smile.

“I heard about it, can’t say I understand it well. It’s just that I’m anxious for Qiao Nian since she caused trouble… if I’ve offended Officer Cai, please don’t take it to heart.”

Seeing that he was still putting the blame on Qiao Nian, Cai Gang decided to ignore him. Cai Gang walked right past Qiao Weimin and went to Qiao Nian instead. He smiled at her as he said, “Student Qiao Nian, I’m Cai Gang. I’m in charge of this district.”

Qiao Nian nodded. She was much calmer than Qiao Weimin. She greeted him. “Officer Cai.”

Cai Gang turned to ask the officer beside her, “Have you taken the statement?”

The officer hurriedly said, “Yes, it’s completed.”

Cai Gang looked back at Qiao Nian and said politely, “It’s been hard on you, Qiao Nian. Thank you for supporting us in our work. We’ve already taken control of the few gangsters, and we’ll be investigating them to see if they’ve had any records before.

“Thank you so much for today. If it wasn’t for your courage to step forward, who is to say what other trouble they’d cause the public. I’ll definitely let your school know about it so they can advocate such courageous behavior like yours.”

“I didn’t do anything, you don’t have to inform my school about it.”

Cai Gang immediately said, “Right, I put it wrongly. I will send a commendation letter directly to your school. We can forget about the announcement or advocacy.”

Qiao Weimin was bewildered as he heard them talk. He intercepted, “Qiao Nian’s courageous behavior? What’s going on? Didn’t she cause a fight?”

Cai Gang couldn’t be bothered to entertain him. He pretended not to hear him and instead, patted Qiao Nian on the shoulder. He was just like a kind elder as he said to Qiao Nian, “It’s late and the statement is done. Qiao Nian, you should get going. Do you need us to send you back?”

Seeing the Volkswagen parked outside, Qiao Nian picked up her bag casually and said, “No need, I’ll make my own way back.”

“Alright, then. Take care.”

Cai Gang waved her off and watched as she left. Only after that did he turn to Qiao Weimin and say, “Chairman Qiao, you’re a smart person, so I don’t think I have to make things so clear. The Qiao Corporation has some connections with us too, so I’ll just give you a word of advice.”

Qiao Weimin was a little puzzled and had no idea why Qiao Nian could just leave like that. But he asked intuitively, “What is it?”

Cai Gang saw how confused he looked and said slowly, “You should learn to have some foresight! Don’t turn against what might actually benefit you.”

He had already seen the Volkswagen outside. That was the Jiang family’s car, and among the people who called him earlier today, one of them was a huge power in Beijing.

That was a level that even Cai Gang himself did not have connections with. And yet the Qiao Family was deliberately chasing Qiao Nian away as if they were afraid she would cling onto them.

How silly!

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