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Chapter 465: Chen Yuan Is Not Back Yet?

“There’s no need to pay me back. I’ll just call them and cancel the reservation.”

Ye Wangchuan wasn’t so stingy. Not to mention that he was also one of the shareholders of the Imperial Mansion, which was one of the projects he had invested in together with his friends when he was 20.

He was more concerned about Qiao Nian.

His handsome face was sharp and well-defined. His dark and deep eyes reflected Qiao Nian’s shadow. Although it looked casual and lazy, it gave people the illusion of extreme tenderness.

“Are you sure you don’t need Gu San to accompany you?”

Liang Bowen was standing quietly at the side, blending into the background. When he heard the sultry tone of his voice, he suddenly realized something!

In the past, some classmates bet on whether Mister Ye was Sister Nian’s boyfriend. Shen Qingqing betted that he was Sister Nian’s boyfriend while Chen Yuan betted that he was not. He himself wasn’t sure and didn’t participate in the bet.

When he returned, he must remember to put all his money into the bet, betting that Mister Ye was Sister Nian’s boyfriend.

It was definitely true!

There was no other reason why a man like this, who could afford to drive a Buick, would be so indulgent and tolerant towards a high school girl. It couldn’t be possible that he simply found Sister Nian attractive but had no feelings for her!

He didn’t know he had unexpectedly grasped the truth.

Qiao Nian didn’t notice his gossiping gaze. She was used to it, after interacting with Ye Wangchuan for such a long time. After much thought, she still casually said, “I really don’t need Gu San to accompany me.”

“Okay.” Ye Wangchuan didn’t want to embarrass her. He pursed his lips and said, “Then, at least let Gu San drive you to the airport later.”

Qiao Nian didn’t reject his offer this time. She quietly agreed with a heavy heart.

In Rao City’s hospital.

The autumn time during October was very obvious. The leaves from the ginkgo trees planted around the hospitals were all yellow. When the breeze blew, the leaves started to fall. Like dancing butterflies, the ground was paved in a layer of golden autumn color.

The sixth floor of the Nanyuan inpatient department was the general ward area.

About three or four patients lived in each ward, but there was one ward that everyone knew was special.

Ward 6003.

Aunt Chen walked into the room dejectedly. Chen Yuan didn’t come home at all last night. She didn’t sleep well. She had a poor complexion and had dark circles under her eyelids. She looked at her sick husband lying on the hospital bed and hid her anxiety and panic. She calmly walked over to the head of the bed and opened up the lunch box she had brought.

She forced herself to put a smile on her face and said to the man lying on the hospital bed, “Dear, get up for dinner. I stewed some chicken soup for you. Drink as much as you want. There’s also some chicken for you. It was cooked very well, so have more of it later.”

The man on the hospital bed looked only like he was in his fifties, but his hair was already gray. His face and body were very thin. He was so thin that his protruding cheekbones were visible. He had a pair of tired and bloodshot eyes due to his perennial illness.

Although it was only October, he was covered by a heavy quilt. The white-colored quilt was placed on his chest, and it looked like its weight was crushing him.

“Take a look at yourself. Why are your eyes so red? Did you not sleep?” Aunt Chen placed the lunch box on the table beside the bed and helped him up, then placed a pillow behind him to support his waist so that he could sit up against the head of the bed.

It seemed as though she was very accustomed to doing this. Although she was a woman, she was able to help an adult man sit up so skillfully. She was even able to maintain a conversation at the same time. “The doctor wanted you to get more rest, but you just don’t listen to the doctor’s instructions. If Nian Nian finds out, she will start to worry about you again.”

With her help, Uncle Chen sat up and leaned against the hospital bed. He then asked her, “Chen Yuan has not come back yet?”

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