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Chapter 464: I Guessed It Must Be Something to Do With Aunt Chen

“Yes, something’s bothering me.” Qiao Nian was in a bad mood, and her tone was dry and cold. She also spoke in a hurry. “I’ll be going back to Rao City this afternoon. I have already booked a ticket for a flight at 3:00 PM. I’ll be heading to the airport after lunch.”

She took a look at the flight timings. The earliest flight to Rao City was at 3:15 PM. If she missed that flight, she would have to wait till 8:00 PM for the next flight.

She couldn’t wait that long!

This was also the reason why she didn’t get the chance to tell Ye Wangchuan that she had already booked two tickets to Rao City when she was walking along the corridor just now.

Because she booked the tickets so close to the departure timing, there weren’t many seats left. All the seats in the first class cabin were already booked. She and Liang Bowen had to book seats in the economy class cabin.

Qiao Nian was inexplicably anxious when she thought of this.

Ye Wangchuan noticed the impetuous depression and worry that couldn’t be hidden on her eyebrows. His eyes deepened and his voice was heavy. “Is the matter very urgent?”

It seemed like something came up in Rao City.

With his understanding of Qiao Nian, he knew that she only cared about a few people. Chen Chen was under Jiang Li’s care. He had even arranged a bodyguard from the Ye family to help protect him. Qiao Nian shouldn’t be so worried about him.

What about Jiang Li?

If something happened to Jiang Li, he would contact his family first and not Qiao Nian.

There were only a few people left that Qiao Nian could be worried about. She could only be worried about Aunt Chen or her classmates!

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes fell on the quiet boy. Looking at Liang Bowen’s reaction, it was unlikely that the matter worrying Qiao Nian had anything to do with her classmates.

He put his hand on the table and had an answer in his heart.

The truth could sometimes be deduced after eliminating all impossible answers. After excluding all the impossible options, he deduced that there could only be one reason why Qiao Nian was so anxious to return to Rao City. She was worried about Aunt Chen.

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes slightly. His first thought was that Uncle Chen’s condition had deteriorated. Aunt Chen didn’t know what to do and had contacted Qiao Nian. Qiao Nian was also equally worried about Uncle Chen and therefore bought a ticket urgently to return to Rao City.

He leaned back in his chair and relaxed his shoulders. He raised his eyes and said, “Do you want Gu San to accompany you back?”

He was planning to return to Rao City with her tomorrow. He had also arranged a meal with Qin Si and some guys from the NSA. It would be impolite of him to stand them up. He had to leave according to the original plan. But he was worried about Qiao Nian returning alone. It would be better for Gu San to accompany her back to Rao City.

Gu San understood what he was thinking of and said, “That’s right, Miss Qiao. I’ll accompany you back. I can take care of you.”

“I think it’s too troublesome. The flight is in three hours, and it’s too late to book tickets now.” She had just taken a look at the available seats and saw only three vacant seats left. She had bought two tickets. There was only one seat left. They were eating for such a long time, the ticket would also have been sold already.

Qiao Nian’s eyebrows and eyes were faint. It was hard to guess her mood. She said, “Liang Bowen will be accompanying me. I will send you a text message when I arrive in Rao City.”

Without waiting for Gu San to speak, her eyebrows and eyes moved slightly, and she thought of something. She raised her eyes and spoke to Ye Wangchuan. “Do you remember the private room I asked you to book for me? Could you cancel it?”

She didn’t expect Chen Yuan to disappear. She initially planned to have a meal with Old Master Jiang before she left. But now, it looked like she wouldn’t get the chance to do so anymore.

Qiao Nian was very upset at Chen Yuan’s disappearance. She pursed her lips and said, “If you cannot manage to cancel the booking, I will transfer you the money for the reservation.”

The Imperial Mansion and the Waterside Loft were equally high class. It was difficult to make a reservation, and naturally, very few people would cancel a reservation. However, there was no rule against it. It didn’t matter whether the person came or not, since the money for the reservation would have already been paid for.

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