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Chapter 46: Wanting Qiao Nian’s Apology

How could Qiao Nian manage to get into Class A?

“Get it wrong?” Cai Gang didn’t hear him clearly.

Qiao Weimin snapped out of his daze and looked at Cai Gang’s curious expression. He swallowed the thought “Qiao Chen only managed to get into Class B, how could Qiao Nian possibly get into Class A?” instead of voicing it. He then quietly said, “N-Nothing much.”

He remembered what he was here for today. After some struggle, he finally said, “So, Officer Cai, regarding Qiao Nian’s fight…”

Cai Gang immediately continued, “Oh, about that.”

He had received five calls on the way here—from his direct superior to Jiang Zongnan, to Cheng Feng Corporation, to the Wei family, and even someone from Beijing…

Every one of them was superior to him, and he was so stressed out by the calls that he didn’t even manage to finish his meal. He rushed here right away.

Qiao Weimin seemed rather embarrassed, and he turned to glare at Qiao Nian as if blaming her for causing trouble. He then smiled awkwardly at Cai Gang and said, “This child can hardly be disciplined since she was a child, unlike her younger sister. She’d just found her biological parents a few days ago and went to live with them. I only found out about the trouble she caused now.

“Although she’s no longer under my care, she’s lived with us, after all. I don’t wish to see her get into trouble outside. What I’m trying to say is that we can compensate these people whatever amount they’re asking for, as long as this situation can be settled…”

He caught a flicker of elitism and arrogance in the corner of his eyes. He didn’t even bother to ask if Qiao Nian was agreeable to it. It was as if he should decide it all on his own.

He made his relationship with Qiao Nian very clear, putting distance between the two of them but making himself sound like a nice man.

But he spoke fiercely to Qiao Nian when he turned to her. “Qiao Nian, you’d better apologize when you go down with me later!”

Qiao Nian’s eyes were dark, and she seemed fierce and opinionated. She firmly said, “I’m not going.”

Qiao Weimin was about to spit fire, but in order to maintain his image, he suppressed his anger. However, his expression was obviously dark as he lectured her through clenched teeth. “You’re so stubborn!”

No wonder they said children were just like their parents!

Cai Gang’s smile stiffened a little as he watched their tense interaction. He re-evaluated Qiao Weimin and was colder towards him now as he cut him off.

“Chairman Qiao, did you find out exactly what happened before you came over today?”

“This… I did hear some stuff about it…” Qiao Weimin didn’t want to go into detail and appeared rather upset about it. “I don’t even need to think about it, it’s surely she who caused the trouble.”

Aunt Chen had told him over the phone that Qiao Nian had stood up for her over her stall, and someone called the police on Qiao Nian because of that. The policemen then came and took Qiao Nian to the police station.

At the end of the day, it was all because of Qiao Nian’s strong-headed personality!

Why was she poking her nose into others’ businesses, anyway!

It was just like what Chen Chen had told him previously. Qiao Nian had jumped into the river to save a child without even knowing what had happened. Thankfully, nothing went wrong. But if Qiao Nian hadn’t managed to save the child eventually, resulting in his death, wouldn’t she have had to take responsibility for it?

He took matters into his own hands and admitted to the fault on Qiao Nian’s behalf. “Officer Cai, I know that she caused trouble for you. Could you take it that you’re doing me a favor…”

The Qiao family was rather renowned in Rao City, so it wasn’t strange that he was making this request as a well-known businessman.

But it seemed like Cai Gang’s expression towards him was getting colder and colder, making Qiao Weimin feel as if he’d made an inappropriate request.

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