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Chapter 424: If There’s Really Such a Person

She was already impatient, and she became more impatient when she heard this. She said nonchalantly, “Why didn’t I hear it? Who said that?”

Qiao Chen pointed in the direction where Ye Lan just left. “That person who just passed by, I heard her calling someone.”

After adjusting her clothes, Wei Ling glanced at her contemptuously, took out the red lipstick and makeup foundation from her bag, and said faintly, “It’s impossible for anyone to get a full score in the Qing University’s exam.

“The questions are all based on the Olympic Mathematical standards. How can anyone obtain a full score of 650 points? Unless that person is a genius! If such a person really appears, the major universities in Beijing will go crazy.”

She said that because she was sure that such a person could not appear!

After all, no one could get a perfect score in the college entrance examination. Then, how could someone get a full score on even more difficult questions?

Qiao Chen’s eyes flickered and she pursed her lips, but she remained silent. On the surface, she seemed convinced and well-behaved. In fact, only she knew what she thought inside.

“I was shocked when I heard that someone had gotten a full score and automatically thought of it as the independent admissions exam for Qing University…”

“She might be talking about other exams. Elementary schools also have elementary school exams, and junior high schools have junior high school exams. It’s not just Qing University’s independent admissions exams.”

Wei Ling had already applied her lipstick. After opening the powder case, she carefully patted the place where her makeup needed fixing. After finishing fixing her makeup, she put the things away, lifted her eyebrows, glanced at Qiao Chen, and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, you did a good job this time. 588 is considered a high score. I never expected you’d do so well on the test.”

Qiao Chen immediately put a flattering smile on her face, took her arm to please her, and said softly, “Thanks to my aunt and uncle who hired the tutor. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have scored so well on the exam. Thank you, Aunt.”

These days, Qiao Chen did nothing but flatter Wei Ling. Wei Ling had yet to change her opinion of her, but at least she didn’t dislike her anymore.

Hearing that, she chuckled and patted her hand, then said with satisfaction, “There aren’t many people who have a higher cultural score than you this time. As an art student, your score is so high. You should be the most eye-catching student! You just didn’t see how Professor Cheng Wu has been complimenting you and saying that you managed to score a good grade. You can rest assured about the interview tomorrow. With Fu Ge and Cheng Wu’s relationship, you will definitely be able to enter.”

She paused and then said, “Listening to Professor Cheng Wu, Master Nie will also go tomorrow. You can definitely enter the music department. But Master Nie…”

She couldn’t do anything with Nie Mi. Raising an eyebrow, worry clouded her eyes, and she said slowly, “I wanted to arrange a meal for you before so that you and Master Nie could meet in private. In the end, I met the Jiang family. If you get involved with them, you can’t make an appointment. If you enter the music department and want to find a famous teacher to lead you, it will still have to be Master Nie. Only he and Liang Lu are famous. Tomorrow is an opportunity, you should grasp it well. Your grades are good, you might be able to impress Master Nie if you perform well!”

Qiao Chen held her arm and nodded obediently, “Yes, I know. I’ll work hard to impress Master Nie!”

But she felt incredibly uncomfortable inside.

When Wei Ling mentioned not being able to set an appointment with Master Nie and briefly mentioned Jiang Xianrou, her chest seemed to be blocked, and a puff of dry air surged, always feeling unlucky.

Wasn’t Qiao Nian from the Jiang Family? She might be after them!

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