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Chapter 418: A Promise to Master Nie

Qiao Nian showered after returning to her room and walked out of the bathroom in a clean set of clothes. She casually wrapped the towel around her head and did not bother about the water dripping from some of her loose hair strands. She walked towards the desk, pulled out the chair, then flipped open her laptop and started typing away.

Her laptop was very thin and all black in color. There were no additional designs on the screen, and the keypad looked rather old. Some of the markings on the keys were already blurred.

But it operated rapidly.

Most fast-operating laptops would take about five to six seconds to start up. Meanwhile, hers only took two seconds, and it didn’t lag at all.

Qiao Nian was wearing a black hoodie without any pants on. She sat cross-legged on the chair and appeared relaxed as usual. Her eyes were squinted as she kept her gaze on the laptop. With one hand on the mouse, she searched for a chat software and then signed into her account.

In a moment’s time, Zhui Guang’s account was logged into.

Beep beep beep.

The moment she entered, the little icon on the bottom right of the screen began flashing. Qiao Nian squinted and moved her cursor over to click on the loudhailer icon.

A new friend added her.

She looked at the verification message left by the other party and her eyes went cold. She accepted the request.

Having gained a new friend, Qiao Nian got up and went to the bathroom to dry her hair. Only then did she return to the laptop and notice the many unread messages on the widget pinned to her desktop page.

The top-most notification was an automated message from the system.

[Zhui Guang: Hello, I have accepted your friend request. We can start chatting now!]

Beneath it was the reply from the other party.

[Hello, I’m the playwright-director of the music program. You can call me Sister Xia. ^_^]

[I’ve heard of you since a long time ago. Zhui Guang, right? A lot of people around me are your fans, and my son really likes you too. I’ve listened to your music, it’s very unique. You’re the first person in the country to be able to gel traditional and rock music together so well! Your new song “Phoenix” was fantastic, too. I remember your previous song was titled Nirvana. Phoenix’s Nirvana—are these two a sequel?]

Qiao Nian raised a brow and continued reading down the chat.

She noticed that it was only five minutes later that the other party replied with the follow-up message.

[I’m sorry, was my previous question too direct? I don’t mean anything, I was just surprised that you accepted my request and got curious. I hope you’re able to forgive me for anything I might have put across wrongly. Master Zhui Guang, has Master Nie mentioned me to you before?]

[It’s like this, we’re planning to come up with a film. It’s about music. We’ve already found a representative for each of the other music genres, except for traditional music. We haven’t been able to find a suitable candidate for this genre, so Master Nie recommended you. Would it be convenient to meet up with you?]

Qiao Nian scrolled to the end of the message and narrowed her eyes.

Nie Mi had mentioned this to her before.

When she met him for drinks upon her arrival in Beijing, Nie Mi had already asked her for help.

It was regarding this matter.

It was something about the television station wanting to produce a large-scale promotional video to introduce different types of music to the youths.

This program would be aired during prime time.

They had found suitable people for all the other genres.

But there were just too few people who dabbled with traditional music. They were either not famous enough or not capable enough, and no matter how they picked, there just wasn’t a right one. As such, they contacted Nie Mi hoping that he could recommend a representative youth for this genre. Otherwise, they would just have to give up on covering the traditional music segment.

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