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Chapter 416: Sister Nian Doesn’t Lack Money

He silently counted the game softwares on the sofa. There were seven discs… Including the ones in his and Master Wang’s hands, there was a total of 12 discs.

If each piece was 10,000 yuan, the total was 120,000 yuan.

If it was 20,000 yuan apiece…

He choked on his saliva and was speechless. He was accustomed to the big-handed side of this circle. There were rich people everywhere, but to be honest, few people were as generous as Qiao Nian!

Other people would spend the money on a meal or a bottle of wine. At least they could be in the limelight and spend their money on their social life.

However, Miss Qiao had spent this amount of money casually on game software gifts for a five-year-old child.

He put down the game disc, quietly glanced in the direction of Master Wang, and counted the Ye Family’s wealth.

He used to think that Miss Qiao was not worthy of Master Wang.

Now he felt that Master Wang could consider changing his career to being a sugar baby.

Where else could you find a rich and young lady like Miss Qiao in China?

Ye Wangchuan didn’t know what he was thinking. He only felt a glance on him, but he didn’t care. He bent down and put down the disc, only to find that Qiao Nian had bought other toys for Ye Qichen.

“You bought him a toy gun?”

He picked up the simulated gun Qiao Nian bought. The texture was good, obviously of high quality. Except that bullets couldn’t be placed in it, its appearance looked almost the same as a real gun.

It was pure black, about 20cm in length, and could be disassembled and reassembled.

It was a little wasteful for kids to play with this, but Ye Qichen would surely like it.


Qiao Nian was still wondering why Old Master Jiang had transferred 200,000 yuan to her when another new message came from him.

The message said that Jiang Xianrou had told them about bumping into her at the alley. They all knew that she was in Beijing, and asked her if she would have time to have a meal together in the next few days. They also asked her which hotel she was staying at and if Ye Wangchuan was with her…

The message was very long, taking up half of the screen.

Qiao Nian read each word very patiently, rubbing her bulging eyebrows. Her dark eyes looked at the message, thinking about how to respond.

She hadn’t deliberately hidden her arrival at Beijing from Old Master Jiang.

The main reason was that she had only come for the exam this time, and she would leave after finishing it. She couldn’t stay for long, and thinking that there was no need to trouble them, she hadn’t told them.

But she didn’t expect to bump into Jiang Xianrou today.

Her eyelashes drooped, and her gaze looked gangsterish as she typed a message with her white fingers.

[QN: I’m free the day after tomorrow, can we meet at noon?]

The message was sent successfully.

She checked her phone again. Besides the message from Old Master Jiang, there was also a message from Wei Lou, asking her when she was leaving.

She also replied to his message.

[The day after tomorrow.]

She had only taken a one-week leave from school. After the interview tomorrow, she would have been in Beijing for five days. If she had a meal with Old Master Jiang and the others on the day after tomorrow, it would be just nice to return after that.

Thinking of this, Qiao Nian was very annoyed.

According to her personality, it didn’t matter whether she played truant, but it would reduce Class A’s attendance scores.

After replying to Wei Lou, she looked up at the man who was still playing with the simulated gun she had bought for the little guy and suddenly asked, “Is there any good place to eat in Beijing? I want to reserve a place.”

Ye Wangchuan’s fingers were extremely beautiful, the kind of well-proportioned beauty, and the good-looking kind that could be used as a hand model.

The simulated toy gun Qiao Nian had bought was black again. He held it in his hand as if he was filming a TV series. Anyone would misunderstand the gun he was holding as real.

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