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Chapter 415: Ten or Twenty Yuan a Piece

Ye Wangchuan walked over with a mug and glanced at him when he passed by. “Country Y.”

“Oh.” Gu San scratched his head and looked at the disc in his hand dumbly, wondering why Qiao Nian had bought a game software from Country Y.

He couldn’t even understand the introduction to the game above, so there was no way the young master could understand it. He wouldn’t be able to play at that time!

He put the game software back to its original position and found many other game softwares in the same foreign language on the sofa. Each one was packed tightly, and it was hard to tell what type of game it was just by looking at it.

“Master Wang, are these all games of Country Y?”

After having poured a glass of water for Qiao Nian, Ye Wangchuan came back. Looking at the pile of gifts on the sofa, he casually glanced at it and found that it was all the same type of game software—gunfight.

A dozen pieces of software were left in a mess on the sofa.

People who didn’t understand Country Y’s language couldn’t understand the packaging on the game software.

Qiao Nian had bought all of them knowingly. Obviously, she understood the original text above, and these were all games she had carefully selected for Ye Qichen.

Many people understood English in China, but very few understood Country Y’s language!

Gu San often went abroad and did not understand Country Y’s words. Where did Qiao Nian learn it?

She was like a mystery. He wanted to clear the fog more and more to understand her past!

Ye Wangchuan put the mug on the table in front of Qiao Nian. He looked down at the girl who was playing with her mobile phone. His narrow eyes were deep and far away, with profound meaning. “How come you bought so many gunfight games?”

While looking at a new message whom she originally thought was from Shen Qingqing and the others, she was surprised to see that it was from Old Master Jiang. There was a record of transfer and remittance on the latest dialog box. The amount was not much, exactly 200,000 yuan.

“… Didn’t you say that Chen Chen likes simulation guns? That store happened to sell game discs, so I chose a few for him.”

She half-squinted her eyes and answered indifferently as her white face showed rare confusion.

Why had the Old Master transferred money to her?

Ye Wangchuan didn’t say more and simply said, “It’s too wasteful, he’s only a child. He can’t play so many expensive games. How much were they, I’ll transfer it back to you.”

Qiao Nian was still thinking about how to reply to Old Master Jiang’s message. Without looking up, she said indifferently, “No, it’s just a small amount.”

Ye Wangchuan pursed the corners of his lips, holding the game software discs without speaking.

On the side, Gu San heard what the two said and picked up a game software on the sofa again in puzzlement. He asked him with a confused look, “Master Wang, is this thing expensive?”

It looked like a CD worth 10 to 20 yuan apiece, and he thought Qiao Nian had bought more than ten copies like a wholesaler.

“Yeah.” Ye Wangchuan didn’t play games, but his friends did. He had seen the game software that Qiao Nian had bought for Ye Qichen and knew the original authentic price wasn’t cheap.

Gu San scratched his head and couldn’t help being curious. He asked again, “How much is it?”

Ye Wangchuan looked over, half-closed his eyes, and said very casually, “10,000 to 20,000 yuan.”

Gu San was speechless.

Gu San: “?”

Gu San” “???”

He suddenly looked at Qiao Nian and saw that she was still looking at her phone with a faint expression. She didn’t look up, obviously not paying attention to this amount of money.

The disc he was holding was suddenly not fun to hold anymore!

F*ck, Miss Qiao was too rich!

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