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Chapter 414: Illiterate

Jiang Zongnan didn’t expect this unexpected joy, either. He truly loved his niece, whom he had finally found. Hearing this good news, he was happy for Qiao Nian from the heart.

After returning to his senses, he beamed widely like Old Master Jiang and said, “That stinky boy Jiang Li always tells me that Nian Nian’s grades aren’t good, and are only average. I just heard Xianrou say that she came to take Qing University’s Autonomous Enrollment Examination. I was so worried that she would be disappointed, but I didn’t expect her grades to be so good!

“Okay, I’ll contact my relatives at home. As long as they’re near Beijing, I’ll call them to have a meal together and celebrate! I also have to think about what kind of gift to buy for Nian Nian to congratulate her. I was in a hurry last time and only got her a bank card, this time I have to prepare well. Dad, what gift do you think I should buy?”

Old Master Jiang squinted at him and said, “I don’t know. Choose wisely, Nian Nian is a girl. You usually buy anything for Xianrou. They’re all girls who like to dress up, so she’ll definitely like it if you buy a skirt or a bag.”

Speaking of this, he frowned and felt distressed again. “Sigh, I always feel uncomfortable every time I look at the photos of Nian Nian Jiang Li sends me. She’s only two years younger than Xianrou. It’s said that girls at this age love to dress up, but in every picture I see of her, she’s wearing a T-shirt and a hoodie. I’ve never seen her wearing a nice skirt.”

“The colors of her clothes are also few, only black, white and gray. The brightest color I’ve seen is dark blue. She’s obviously very beautiful, not the slightest inferior to other girls once she dresses up, but she doesn’t like to dress up! To put it plainly, she’s reluctant to spend money.”

Jiang Zongnan thought for a moment with his lips pursed. “I didn’t think it through. I’ll give her some pocket money as well.”

Old Master Jiang didn’t say anything, just glanced at him with calm and astute eyes mixed with age. He shook his head and said slowly, “No, I’ll give it to her. You just need to prepare a gift for her. There’s no need to rush over the meal, I was so excited I forgot to ask for her opinion first. I’ll first ask if she has time, and if so, we can arrange a date again. If she doesn’t have time, let’s just forget it. It all depends on her schedule.”

Jiang Zongnan also thought about it. Qiao Nian had come to Beijing for the exam. In fact, she should go back to school after the exam. Whether they could have a meal together depended on how long she had taken leave from school, and if there was not enough time, they couldn’t eat together.


Old Master Jiang nodded. He wore a suit, leather shoes, and a blue shirt under the black suit. He was in his early 40s but looked to be in his early 30s. Time didn’t leave much trace on him, giving him maturity and elegance instead.

Jiang Zongnan nodded politely and said straightforwardly. “Let’s ask Nian Nian first.”

Having just returned to Ye Wangchuan’s apartment in Beijing, Qiao Nian put down her school bag and had just taken out the toys she had bought for the little guy when her phone notification bell rang.

“Miss Qiao, did you buy so many toys for the young master?” Gu San saw her take out the things one by one and put them on the sofa. He walked over curiously, bent over, and picked up one of the game cards curiously. The package of the game card and disc was full of pure text introductions. After reading it for a long time, he did not understand it. He turned to ask Ye Wangchuan. “Master Wang, what language is this game written in?”

It was not English, he couldn’t read a single word!

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