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Chapter 413: Sister Nian, You’re Exposed

The principal said meaningfully, “Old Jiang, your granddaughter has done so well in the exam, you’re going to treat us all to a meal!”

Old Master Jiang held the phone with mixed feelings and was unable to recover for a long time. His facial muscles twitched with excitement, and only after a long time did he manage to stammer a reply, “Yes, of course.”

He hung up.

Jiang Zongnan had just walked out of the living room when he saw him sitting in the garden. He walked quickly over, put his hand on his wheelchair, and said his thoughts.

“Dad, don’t worry too much! I will think of ways for Nian Nian to go to university. With so many universities in Beijing, it’s not necessary to go to Qing University. I will ask the principals of other universities tomorrow, and one will definitely accept her.”

Old Master Jiang digested it for a while and had already recovered. When he heard this, he glared at him, and the joy on the corners of his eyes and eyebrows could hardly be hidden. Putting the phone on his lap, he pretended to be angry and said, “What do you mean she doesn’t have to go to Qing University? Nian Nian has to study there! And it’s not that we want her to, it’s Qing University begging her to enroll there!!”

Jiang Zongnan: “???”

He looked at the old man’s beaming eyebrows with a confused expression. “Dad, are you mad?”

The Old Master did not seem to be sarcastic.

However, with Nian Nian’s results, Qing University might not be willing to accept her even if they donated money.

What was wrong with Qing University begging Nian Nian to study there? It was Qing University they were talking about, not some random neighborhood university!

The Jiang Family had some connections in Beijing, and the old man’s disciples were in various fields. Many people were willing to give them face. But Qing University was different from ordinary institutions. People with better conditions than their family couldn’t even send their children in for gilding, let alone them.


Unless the Ye Family was willing to come forward.

If Old Master Ye was willing to stick his head out for Qiao Nian, it was not entirely impossible for them to go through this back door!

Old Master Jiang glanced at him triumphantly and asked him, “Do you think I look angry?”

Jiang Zongnan took a closer look.

He shook his head indescribably. “Not at all.”

On the contrary, he looked to have won 5 million yuan!

Jiang Zongnan didn’t want him to beat about the bush anymore. He walked up to him and said helplessly, “Dad, don’t keep me in suspense anymore. What happened? What do you mean Qing University is begging Nian Nian to study there? Just tell me directly!”

Old Master Jiang glanced at him and told him what he just found out. “I just called the principal of Qing University, and he told me that Nian Nian has obtained a full score of 650! This result is unprecedented, and now every department wants to poach her. He was afraid that Nian Nian would not study there, so he kept telling me not to let all the domestic talents go abroad…”

Jiang Weishang couldn’t control his excitement. His hands were still trembling at this moment. He put his hands behind his back and looked at his stunned son with scorching eyes, and said in a tone of excitement and pride that he could not hide, “I never thought that Nian Nian would score so well! She’s the top scorer in the exam to enter Qing University! As expected of my granddaughter, hahaha. By the way, Nian Nian did so well, we should treat others to a meal. We haven’t officially acknowledged her as a relative, let’s not invite outsiders this time. We’ll just have a family meal and call all the relatives in the family. What do you think?”

He originally thought of waiting for Qiao Nian to finish her college entrance examination and come to Beijing to study before setting up a banquet. He wanted to officially tell everyone that he had found his little granddaughter!

But this time was a great event. He couldn’t wait to use a loudspeaker to tell everyone that the first place in the Qing University’s Autonomous Enrollment Examination was his granddaughter!!

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