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Chapter 412: Sister Nian Could Only Study in a Vocational School? You’re Overthinking

The principal tried to calm down. When he heard what Old Master Jiang was saying, he couldn’t help but feel stunned. He interrupted him. “Old Master Jiang, what are you talking about? As long as she chooses our school, Qing University will let her pick any major she wants!”

“I don’t think I need your help to such an extent.”

The principal continued, “Qiao Nian is the first person in the history of Qing University to get the full score in the independent enrollment examination! In front of such a talented student, the heads of all departments are already fighting for her. I heard that once her result was announced, the Finance Department and Architecture Department started to compete with each other. They’re all planning to win her over in tomorrow’s interview.

“I also heard Cheng Wu from the Finance Department saying that as long as Qiao Nian is willing to go to their department, she would be free to set her own conditions for enrollment.”

The principal smiled and said happily while holding onto his cell phone, “When I saw her results, I was wondering which family she comes from. I saw that she was from the First High School in Rao City, but the names of her parents were not filled in. I didn’t expect that she was from Beijing. She turned out to be your granddaughter.”

One of their surnames was Qiao, while the other was Jiang!

No wonder he didn’t associate Qiao Nian with Old Master Jiang!

The principal understood the whole picture. He smiled and said, “Old Master Jiang, you have such a good granddaughter! I didn’t expect anyone to get full marks in the examinations this time! When the results came out, everyone was stunned. With such stellar results, please try your best to let her stay in China to study. In recent years, more and more talented students are leaving China to study overseas. It’s getting serious, my heart’s aching. I’m of the same opinion as Professor Cheng. As long as she chooses Qing University, she can set any conditions she wants! Anything is debatable!”

Old Master Jiang felt dizzy and thought he was hearing things, as though he was drunk.

Not believing his ears, he asked again, “Could you repeat? How much did Nian Nian score in the examination?”

“650, full marks.”

Silence ensued for a moment.

It was neither 65 nor 150. It was 650!

Old Master Jiang took a deep breath. His hands were trembling. He had personally gone to Rao City to look for Qiao Nian. He had also carefully investigated Qiao Nian’s background before confirming that she was his long-lost granddaughter.

For a girl in her senior year of high school, there was nothing much to investigate besides her grades and matters regarding her personal life.

The results of the investigation had nothing to feel elated or disappointed about.

Qiao Nian’s grades were average. She was average in her class, and she ranked at about 2,000 when compared to scores in the city. If she studied hard, she could try to get into a university. If she didn’t study hard enough, she could only make it into a vocational school.

He had initially planned to wait for her to finish her College Entrance Examination before bringing her into the family. At that time, she could either study in a university in China, or he could send her abroad for more exposure and experience. He would also ask her for her opinion then.

Who could have expected that Qiao Nian would quietly come to Beijing and sit for Qing University’s independent enrollment examination?

That young brat Jiang Li was also so secretive. He didn’t inform the family and even helped his sister hide this secret.

He only heard about this matter from Xianrou after the examination had ended.

But most importantly, the results were what gave him the biggest surprise!

650! Old Master Jiang didn’t know how to react to such a score. Xianrou was the best academically in her generation in the family, and she only got 610 in the independent enrollment examination. With that score, she had already caused a sensation.

He couldn’t imagine how big of a sensation Qiao Nian’s score would cause.

No wonder the principal was so concerned about not letting talented people go abroad.

If such a result was announced, Nanjing University would definitely try to convince Qiao Nian to go study with them.

All the famous schools in China would try their best to convince Qiao Nian to go to their place. They would all fight over her and try to come up with a plan to persuade her to enroll in their school.

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