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Chapter 407: Met Someone Today

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Jiang Xianrou pushed his wheelchair into the living room and answered his question generously, “The school is organizing an independent admissions exam. I’m a member of the student union, so I have to go to school to help and take care of the students taking the exam.”

“Oh, it’s another year of independent enrollment.” Old Master Jiang rested his hands on the wheelchair armrest and said with emotion, “Time flies so fast, I still remember that year when you enrolled and entered Qing University…”

At this moment, Jiang Zongnan and Tang Wanru came over with the cooked dishes. When they heard what he said, they happily interjected, “Dad, that was three years ago. Xianrou is almost in her third year. You forgot, you even held a parent meeting for her before.”

Old Master Jiang recalled that he had gone to Qing University once before, but it wasn’t to hold an ordinary parent meeting for Jiang Xianrou. He had gone as a parent to witness her honorary title as an outstanding student.

At this thought, his gaze towards Jiang Xianrou turned even softer and more affectionate, and he was about to ask about her plans after graduation.


“Speaking of independent enrollment, Grandpa, I met someone today.” Jiang Xianrou pushed him to the table with a wry smile on her face. “I don’t know if I should tell you.”

Seeing her expression, the kindness on Elder Jiang’s face gradually converged, and those cloudy but energetic eyes looked at her. His tone faded a lot and he said, “You can think clearly before you speak.”

Tang Wanru knew that Jiang Xianrou had made a mistake when she heard the Old Master’s cold tone. She had made him unhappy.

She put down the table and chopsticks, busying herself in the middle of the round table, glancing at Jiang Xianrou. “Xianrou, what are you doing? We’re a family, you can just tell Grandpa whatever you have to say, there’s nothing to hide!”

Jiang Xianrou met her mother’s gaze and immediately reacted. She bent over and pulled her Grandpa’s arm, acting like a baby. “Grandpa, don’t be angry, I didn’t mean that. I was only worried about your body, so I hesitated.”

In fact, Old Master Jiang wasn’t very angry. It was just a trivial matter. After all, Jiang Xianrou was his granddaughter, so how could he get angry with her over a little thing? He immediately patted the back of her hand, quietly comforting her. “Let’s talk, we can discuss it. I won’t be angry.”

Jiang Xianrou: “Grandpa, you really won’t be angry?”

Old Master Jiang frowned, and his dark pupils condensed. He couldn’t understand why she had to repeatedly emphasize that he would be angry.

How big was it to be worth his anger?

Seeing that he had prepared himself, Jiang Xianrou said hesitantly, “I met a person today.”

He wouldn’t have become so interested if she wasn’t so vague.

The more she spoke like this, the more interested people became.

Even Jiang Zongnan asked in a low voice, “Who did you meet?”

Jiang Xianrou looked at everyone around and said, “Qiao Nian.”

Old Master Jiang reacted the most. His calm appearance changed, and his face showed surprise and concern. He grabbed the sides of the wheelchair and almost stood up. A bombardment of questions came out of his mouth, “Where did you meet Nian Nian? She came to Beijing? Why didn’t you tell me? When you saw her, was she alone? Where was Jiang Li, not by her side?”

He became more and more worried as he spoke, frowning and muttering, “I’ve been in poor health recently, and you always keep me from flying.”

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