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Chapter 406: Can’t Remember Who She Is

In her memory, Qiao Nian’s grades were not good, and she relied on her family’s connections to enter First High School.

She was simply killing her own future by coming to play in Beijing during the semester, instead of studying well. It seemed she didn’t want to take the college entrance examination.

There was no shortage of food for her at home even so, but she didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Having been inexplicably bombarded with a few questions, Qiao Nian half-squinted her eyes in a rather gangsterish way and stared at the other party for a long time before remembering who she was.

Six months ago, they had dined together at the Waterside Loft.

She was from the Jiang Family.

After recognizing her, she still decided to give her face, but still had a lax attitude. “I came to take an exam.”

“Exam?” Jiang Xianrou was startled. “Why haven’t I heard of it? What test are you taking? Isn’t it two months before the college entrance examination?”

Qiao Nian’s phone vibrated, and she looked down to see that Ye Wangchuan had responded to her message by sending her a location address. They were waiting for her outside.

Qiao Nian’s cold face looked a little impatient, and her voice was dull. “I’m here for the self-enrollment exam.”

Jiang Xianrou’s friends came over at this time and looked at Qiao Nian curiously, turning their heads and asking, “Xianrou, who is this little sister, do you know her?”

Jiang Xianrou’s heart twitched, and she replied almost in reflex, “She’s a relative’s child.”

This explanation was also correct.

Her uncle was also a relative.

It was just that the relatives that everyone understood in the conventional sense were more of distant relatives.

Someone saw that Qiao Nian looked good and harbored an interest in her, hence deciding to invite her along. “Since you’re Xianrou’s sister, do you want to come play with us? I think you’re here to visit the scene spots too, why not come together with us? Your sister can also take good care of you.”

Jiang Xianrou frowned and stood there looking at Qiao Nian, neither agreeing nor refusing. That proud attitude was actually a silent rejection. She only played with the second-generation young ladies in Beijing, and the circle was different from Qiao Nian’s.

Qiao Nian glanced at her sideways and arranged the straps of her shoulder bag leisurely, with a casual look in her eyes. “No, my friend is waiting for me outside. It’s OK, I’ll go first, you guys can go along.”

Jiang Xianrou originally wanted to stop her and ask who the friend she was talking about was, but Qiao Nian walked freely and easily off. She entered the crowd without even giving her a chance to say anything.

Thinking about Qiao Nian’s coming to Beijing, Jiang Xianrou was absent-minded all afternoon before finally separating from her friends.

She couldn’t wait to drive home.

“Dad, Mom.” Jiang Xianrou walked to the hallway and changed her shoes, then handed her bag to the Filipino maid. As she walked inside, she saw a figure sitting in the living room, planting flowers and plants. Her starry eyes moved slightly, and she obediently walked to the old man and called, “Grandpa.”

Old Master Jiang was holding a pot of orchids and plants, which were about to bloom. The green branches and leaves stretched out, and she could see that they were well taken care of. He had gray hair and a Chinese-style face that looked handsome when he was young. It was just that he was older, and his face was marked by the years. Compared with young people, he was certainly not as handsome, but there was a kind of mature spirit that showed his stability over the years.

“Xianrou, you’re back.” Seeing her return, Old Master Jiang happily put down the orchid pot in his hand, handed the scissors to a helper, and smiled happily. “Did you go to school again today? Isn’t today Saturday, your school doesn’t have a holiday today?”

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