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Chapter 405: All Better Than the Chinese Medicine Faculty

Gu San still wanted to hold on for a while and find an opportunity to ask Qiao Nian if she really planned to apply for the Chinese Medicine Faculty.

To be honest, before seeing her results, he thought that it would be problematic to enter this faculty, but now, he knew her results—the first place in Qing University!

Full marks!

She was the greatest genius ever!!!

It would be a waste for Qiao Nian to enter this faculty and not go to an ace faculty!

The Finance Faculty and Clinical Faculty were all better than the Chinese Medicine Faculty.

Why did Miss Qiao choose a major that had already fallen out of popularity?

Gu San felt like a bone was lodged in his throat, but Ye Wangchuan didn’t notice his anxiety.

He watched as Master Wang agreed to Miss Qiao.

“Go on.”

Gu San was speechless.

Since she wanted to choose a gift for the little guy, Qiao Nian was more serious and patiently walked around the alley outside the courtyard.

The alleys extended in all directions and were interspersed with all kinds of courtyards. It was originally supposed to be a large courtyard residential area but had gradually developed into a tourist attraction. With more tourists, ordinary people outside had changed their own residences into shops and redecorated them. After a while, the outside area had become a tourist area.

Deep in the alley, for example, the courtyard where Ye Wangchuan had taken her to eat was still a residential area.

This also led to cars often coming in the narrow alleys, and out-of-towners who didn’t know the license plate numbers might treat them as ordinary cars.

However, the locals understood the identity of the representative license plate numbers, such as Beijing 0869.

Qiao Nian watched a car with a Beijing license plate of 77999 driving past and remembered the HQ that Ye Wangchuan drove. The car was very low-key, but the license plate was arrogant.

    This license plate didn’t start with 0, but it was even more difficult to obtain.

    It was exactly like his style.

    It looked low-key and restrained and revealed an extraordinary identity everywhere.

    It was too easy to find a toy store that sold children’s favorites in tourist attractions, and Qiao Nian quickly found a store within a few steps.

    She went in and chose a few toys that children would like. After paying for it, she came out of the store and sent a message to Ye Wangchuan, asking them to send her a location for her to find them.

    Who knew that someone would stop her from behind.

    “Qiao Nian?”

    She wasn’t familiar with this voice; at least, she didn’t hear it often.

    Looking behind her, she saw a group of young men and women walking together not far away. The one who called her was one of the girls. She was tall and wore a shirt and washed blue jeans. Because of her superior height and figure, the simple style gave her a generous temperament.

    “You guys wait for me.”

    Originally thinking she was mistaken, Jiang Xianrou had called out the person in front of her with uncertainty, but she didn’t expect her to turn around and really show her a face she didn’t want to see.

    She talked to the few friends who had come out with her, then walked quickly to Qiao Nian with a sullen face. Her eyes were arrogant, the corners of her eyebrows were raised in disdain, and her hands were crossed over her chest. “Why did you come to Beijing? Where’s Jiang Li, didn’t he come with you?”

    Having said that, she thought of the figure she had seen outside the Imperial Mansion that day, the one that resembled Qiao Nian.

    She had been uncertain because she thought Qiao Nian was studying in Rao City.

    But now that she was standing in front of her, she couldn’t help but think about it again.

    Faint disgust could be seen on her face. She didn’t want to introduce Qiao Nian to her friends or even let people know that she had an extra cousin.

    “What are you doing in Beijing instead of studying in Rao City?”

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