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Chapter 401: Fu Ge’s Roommate

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At the mention of hot pot, Qiao Nian’s interest was piqued. Mumbling an “Mm-hm”, she put away her mobile phone and followed him.

“I’m going to drive over.” Ye Wangchuan smirked.

He walked in front to lead the way. When passing by Wen Ziyu, he didn’t even give him a glance from the corner of his eye and just passed by.

Qiao Nian did the same.

She wasn’t rude or showing an attitude to Wen Ziyu, she simply forgot that someone like this had struck up a conversation with herself before.

They walked past, leaving only Gu San and Wen Ziyu behind.

Compared to Ye Wangchuan, who didn’t regard his ‘opponent’ as a human being, Gu San thought he was a bit more humane. When passing by Wen Ziyu, he stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder with a sympathetic expression. “My condolences!”


Wen Ziyu: “…”

Just then, his cell phone rang.

He watched the direction the three people were leaving and couldn’t recover for a long while, then his phone rang impatiently. He lowered his head absent-mindedly and glanced at the caller ID.

Fu Ge.

Frowning, he picked up and slowly put the phone to his ear.

“Hello? Yeah, I’m at school. Just now?”

He glanced again at the pillar that Qiao Nian had stood leaning on and recalled the gangsterish and ostentatious look on her face.

Feeling lost, he said, “I just encountered something, it’s OK now. You guys eat first. Just send me the address and I’ll come over right away.”

With that, he hung up.

After a while, a message popped in and sent him a location tag. It was a fairly high-end restaurant near the school.

Fu Ge sent him another message.

His message said something like ‘my girlfriend has just finished taking the exam and is a little tired, so she doesn’t want to eat at a place too far away. We have found a random place near the school to eat at. When I’m free next time, I will treat you to a high-end clubhouse for dinner.’

Wen Ziyu just looked at the message with his eyelashes down, without any expression on his little fair face. However, a trace of disdain seemed to pass through the depths of his eyes.

He casually replied, ‘OK’.

But he felt otherwise inside.

There were only a few top students in the Finance Faculty of Qing University, and there would be very few promising students in the future. Fu Ge was not bad; he was young, rather intelligent, and also had a decent family background. Furthermore, he was in the same dormitory as him. Their relationship was OK, and they could be regarded as friends.

Fu Ge was alright when he first came into contact with him, but he became a little indescribable after a while.

For example, the message he had sent just now.

It was too vain!

It was understandable if he wanted to bring his girlfriend along to treat his roommates and to introduce her to them on the way.

His girlfriend was rumored to have good grades and had come to take the independent admissions exam. Since she was their junior, they could help take care of her in the future.

However, he could have just invited them to a normal restaurant. After all, what kind of city was Beijing? Unlike Rao City, you could find wealthy gentlemen here at every turn.

The Fu Family was considered pretty reputable in Rao City, but in Beijing, where crouching tigers and hidden dragons were everywhere, their family background was not enough.

At most, Fu Ge could spend money to book a fairly high-end restaurant to treat them. Every high-end clubhouse in Beijing only accepted reputable people. It was already difficult for himself to enter, but he wanted to treat everyone there? Wasn’t he just tooting his own horn, insisting on safeguarding his pride?

Having come from the top circle himself, Wen Ziyu couldn’t appreciate such fake behavior.

He glanced at the location address Fu Ge had sent him, deleted the message, put his phone in his pocket, and walked outside the school gate.

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