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Chapter 38: Sister Nian’s Second Sockpuppet

There was an uproar when B01 came up with their 10-million-yuan bid.

“Master Wang, I checked it out.”

Gu San returned to B02 very soon.

“Who is it?” Fu Sinian’s expression was awful.

Gu San didn’t look at him and instead reported to Ye Wangchuan directly. “The buyer in the private room beside ours is the Boss of Cheng Feng Corporation, Yuan Yongqin.”

“Cheng Feng Corporation?” Ye Wangchuan stroked the beads on his bracelet as he thought deeply. He narrowed his eyes. “What does she want the meat ganoderma for?”

“That… I’m not too sure.”

Cheng Feng Corporation was a large establishment in the capital. They started off as distributors of diamonds, but after making a name for themselves in the capital, they turned towards other industries as well and became huge investors.

They did especially well in the Film industry.

30% of the cinema chains in the entire country were under Cheng Feng Corporation.

The Yuan family were rather known in the capital, but in recent years, they had been dealing with internal problems as family members vied for assets. With that, they were slowly losing their power and status.

Back then, Yuan Yongqin had been chased out of the Yuan family by a few of her older brothers. They’d thought that this woman would end up down and out, but who would have known that the tables would turn. She rose with Cheng Feng Corporation and ended up doing better than the entire Yuan family now!

Evidently, Fu Sinian had heard of Cheng Feng Corporation as well. He was stunned for a second before shifting closer to Ye Wangchuan. “Cheng Feng Corporation? I remember that my brother’s girlfriend’s family is on good terms with their company. They’d been getting the Qiao family to build most of their cinemas recently.”

The gavel was about to sound.

Fu Sinian turned around and said, “There’s no good in bidding any further. I’ll get his girlfriend’s father to speak to Cheng Feng’s boss tomorrow. We’ll see if she’s willing to let us have the meat ganoderma.”

“10 million yuan going twice!”

The auctioneer announced, “One last chance. Place your bids now, or the offer is finalized.”

“10 million yuan going thrice!”

The gavel sounded, putting an end to this bid.

Gu San turned to look at Master Wang. He wanted to take a photo of that expression so badly, but did not have the guts to.

He couldn’t believe that Master Wang actually did not manage to get something despite wanting it!

How powerful was Cheng Feng Corporation’s Yuan Yongqin!

Ye Wangchuan got up and glanced at the platform downstairs. He straightened his shirt with an unreadable expression on his face. “Forget it. This isn’t the only place with meat ganoderma. I’ll get it when I see it again.”

“I have something on, I’ll go first.” The girl was about to be done with her classes.

He picked up the vaping device and left.

On the other side, Yuan Yongqin smiled at Qiao Nian and said, “I’ll make the payment.”

“Mm.” Qiao Nian looked at the time on her cell phone and packed her belongings. She stood up and said, “I’m supposed to be done with my classes about now. Aunt Yuan, please handle the rest from here. I’ll get going.”

Yuan Yongqin was used to Qiao Nian’s solitary ways and waved her off. “Alright, go on. I’ll bring it to the clinic for you.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nian casually picked up her bag and lowered her cap, hiding her exquisite face.

This wasn’t the first time she came to Wei Lou’s auction. Many people were leaving after the auction, so Qiao Nian managed to slip out with them.

The sun was about to set. She took a glance at her cell phone; there were no missed calls.

She was about to flag a cab to return to school when she heard a seductive voice.

“Qiao Nian?”

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