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Chapter 374: Meal With Jiang Xianrou

His words were fine, but his tone was a little ambiguous. As if he was a husband reminding his wife who was about to head out.

Gu San watched as Qiao Nian staggered out and closed the apartment door in the blink of an eye.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he looked back at the leisurely man sitting there with a complicated gaze. “Master Wang, you always dally with Miss Qiao like this, I’m afraid she’ll be immune to you in the future.”

He would always tease her ambiguously but did not dare to say the words clearly. Was there something wrong with him?

However, he just thought so in his heart and didn’t dare to say it out loud. Who was he kidding? This was Master Wang, his lord who didn’t even blink an eye.

“By the way, Miss Qiao didn’t let me send her off and took a taxi by herself instead. Isn’t it such a waste of money?”

Ye Wangchuan raised his eyelids and fiddled with the prayer beads on his wrist, his voice still dull. “Do you think she’s short of money?”

“I…” Gu San choked!

As a miracle doctor in Rao City, who earned eight figures for every patient, Miss Qiao was indeed not short of money.

He grabbed his head and became even more depressed. “So Miss Qiao really dislikes me for talking too much?”

He thought he didn’t talk much, he was introverted and honest, and he always drove as a qualified driver, never looking around and talking a lot.

Ye Wangchuan wanted to curse, but seeing his really confused expression, he felt that he was just wasting his time.

He turned his gaze back on the notebook and said leisurely, “She probably didn’t want you to know where she was going, so she didn’t take your car.”


Gu San didn’t understand.

“Why can’t she let me know where she’s going?”

Ye Wangchuan couldn’t figure out whether he was really stupid or faking it, but the former was more likely.

“You really think she doesn’t know anyone in Beijing?”

He thought he had explained it clearly enough.

Who knew that Gu San still had a confused face, and honestly scratched his head. “But Master Wang, Miss Qiao said that she’s in Beijing for the first time. Since she has never been before, how does she have friends here?”

Ye Wangchuan was speechless.

Gu San saw that he didn’t want to talk to himself, so he vigorously thought it over and understood in a second. “Oh, I know. Old Master Jiang is in Beijing. Miss Qiao is going to see him?”

He had just finished speaking when he changed his tune again. “No, why can’t Miss Qiao let me know if she’s seeing Old Master Jiang… This is so strange…”

Ye Wangchuan was already too lazy to talk to him, and he just treated him as a fly in the room, the kind with a low IQ.

Gu San mulled over it for a while, and when no one answered him, he touched the bridge of his nose awkwardly, before suddenly remembering something.

“Master Wang, Miss Jiang sent me a message last night and asked if you have returned to Beijing. She said she seemed to have seen you. Should I tell her?”

It was because of Jiang Li.

Jiang Xianrou and their circle were very close, and she was considered the little sister. Thus, she had a high chance of breaking into their circle of the opposite sex.

Everyone gave her more face and took care of her more often.

Ye Wangchuan put away his notebook without even lifting his eyelids. He opened his thin lips and casually said, “Suit yourself.”


Gu San thought for a while and said, “Young Master Jiang knows that we have come to Beijing, so I’d better tell her. What if Miss Jiang wants to have dinner with us?”

Now that Master Wang was back, everyone would want to gather and have a meal together, this was the routine.

Jiang Xianrou was the one who usually called them to gather.

Thus, he was asking in advance.

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