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Chapter 362: She Wanted to Get a Score That Would Surprise Everyone

“Why are you staying in a hotel?” Shen Jingyan frowned and asked annoyedly.

He didn’t want them to stay over at his place because they might interact with the rich and powerful of Beijing. They might pay a visit to his place and see them. It would be embarrassing for the Shen Family, given how unruly they were.

However, it would be equally embarrassing if people found out that his sister was staying in a hotel even though her brother had a house.

Even though Qiao Weimin wasn’t a great businessman, he was great at building rapport because he knew how to read people.

He knew what was going on in his brother-in-law’s mind when he saw his expression. He felt heartbroken by the bad situation, but he had to do this for his daughter. He kept a straight face and explained, “We want to send Chen Chen to the examination hall on the 6th. That’s why we booked a hotel near Qing University. You don’t need to worry about us, we’re capable of taking care of ourselves. We’ll call you if we need help.”

Shen Jingyan was pleased with his explanation. It gave the impression that Qiao Weimin and his wife wanted to stay in a hotel and it wasn’t Shen Jingyan’s fault.

Shen Jingyan stopped frowning. He paused for a while before saying, “Alright, then. Give me a call if you need anything. We’re family, after all.”

Qiao Weimin forced a smile after seeing how proud he was and said, “Sure.”

Relieved, Shen Jingyan looked at Qiao Chen sternly and said, “Chen Chen, your parents came all the way from Rao City to accompany you for your examinations. Do not disappoint them.”

Qiao Chen was under a lot of stress and hadn’t been sleeping well. She felt more stressed after what he said. But she couldn’t tell him how stressed she was. She nodded forcefully and said, “Uncle, Mom, Dad, don’t worry, I will get into Qing University!”

She had revised through the past years’ examination papers and even employed a tutor to help her prepare for this examination. Plus, she had a secret weapon.

The revision book Qiao Nian passed her previously. It was filled with a lot of sample questions.

She relied on it for her past examinations. She would do a few of the papers in the book and the examinations would have similar questions.

She didn’t know where Qiao Nian got the book from. But it was useful. However, the book was given to her when Qiao Nian was in her first year of high school. Some of the questions were outdated already.

It was impossible for her to ask Qiao Nian for help, given how bad their relationship was. Hence, she would have to continue using that book. She had done all the questions in the book and asked the tutor recommended by Wei Ling to check through her work.

She had mastered all the questions in the book and had been scoring around 580 in the past few practice papers. If she could maintain her performance, it would be easy for her to get to the interview stage.

So long as she got to the interview stage, it would be easy for her to get a good grade with Fu Ge’s help.

Qiao Chen felt more confident as she thought about it. She was looking forward to the examination.

If only she could get a score that would surprise everyone…

It was half-past eight when Qiao Nian and Nie Mi parted ways.

It was too late and she didn’t want to disturb Gu San. Thus, she flagged a cab and told the driver to go to the location Ye Wangchuan sent her.

The cab started to drive towards Qing University.

The apartment was in an area near the university. Even though it didn’t look special, the old citizens in Beijing knew that it was an exclusive area.

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