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Chapter 35: Big Boss Is Cool and Beautiful

Qiao Nian stuffed her bag under her desk and shook her hand. “Thank you. Qiao Nian.”

Wow, so cool!

Shen Qingqing’s face went red, and she couldn’t look away from Qiao Nian.

This new classmate’s fingers were so long, but her hand was a little cold. Did she catch a cold in the breeze outside? Shen Qingqing quickly patted herself on the face to dissipate the warmth and redness in her cheeks, and then quietly closed the windows by her desk.

She even kicked the chair of the classmate in front. “Xiao Han, I’m cold. Shut the windows.”

“It’s August, how are you cold…” The classmate in front seemed to grumble but complied anyway and shut the windows thoughtfully.

Qiao Nian reached for the chewing gum bottle in her bag but did not take it out. Her dark and beautiful eyes gazed at her new deskmate. She kept quiet as she continued searching through her bag until she found something.

She handed it to her deskmate and said, “For you.”

“What’s this.” Shen Qingqing intuitively accepted the item Qiao Nian handed her. It was a thin bracelet with a round and sparkly little pendant. She held the pendant up and saw that there was an extrbright crystal on the inside which glistened beautifully in the sunlight.

She couldn’t help but gasp as she looked even more closely at the bracelet. “Qiao Nian, are you really giving this to me? It’s so beautiful.”

It was too beautiful!

She’d never seen such a pretty bracelet in her life.

The crystal inside looked like a real diamond.

Qiao Nian smiled when she saw how much she liked it. “A friend gave it to me, but I don’t wear such stuff. Rather than leaving it in my bag, it’s better if someone who likes it gets to wear it. You can keep it.”

Shen Qingqing merrily kept the gift but felt bad about it. “Thank you, I’ll get you a small gift another day too.”

Qiao Nian looked up at her with those eyes full of life, while her long legs were casually crossed under the desk. Shen Qingqing felt electrocuted by her gaze. “No need.”

Shen Qingqing felt her heart skip a beat again. Why did this new classmate look so suave?

She touched her warm cheeks again and mumbled, “You’ve already gotten me something, it wouldn’t be nice if I don’t get you one.”

“If you won’t accept my gift, then I can’t accept this one too.” She placed the bracelet on the desk in front of Qiao Nian while looking at it longingly. It was evident that she loved it.

Qiao Nian raised a brow as she looked at how expectant Shen Qingqing seemed. Then, Qiao Nian nodded a little helplessly.

“Alright, then.”

At this point, the headteacher entered the classroom and tapped on his desk. Everyone scurried back to their respective seats.

The teacher started by talking about some administrative matters like every first day of the school year.

Qiao Nian was bored and happened to feel her cell phone vibrate.

She took it out.

A notification had come in.

There wasn’t a name, just a string of strange Roman numerals that made up the full ID.

[Big boss, your goods are here. It’ll start auctioning in about an hour. Quickly get over here.]

Qiao Nian replied instantly.


Once the teacher was done talking, he started getting students to move some books over.

Shen Qingqing was part of the student committee and began delegating the work among her classmates.

Qiao Nian got up and packed her bag. She zipped it up and slung it over her shoulder, saying, “I have something on later and need to leave first. Help me let the teachers know.”

“You’re leaving right now?” Shen Qingqing was stunned.

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