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Chapter 344: Even Master Nie Was Here

“Master Wang, we have arrived.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the people around him with deep eyes and said, “Okay, we have arrived.”


Qiao Nian had been replying to her messages throughout the whole journey and didn’t even raise her head after he spoke.

She had switched off her cell phone during the flight. After she switched it back on, messages overflowed her inbox.

Needless to say, the messages were from Shen Qingqing, Liang Bowen, and her other friends, asking if she had arrived safely.

There were also messages from Wei Lou and Yuan Yongqin.

Yuan Yongqin had sent her the address of a villa. She asked her to live there temporarily during the period of her examinations in Beijing.

Wei Lou was a little more casual. He wasn’t particularly concerned with her arrival or where she was staying but asked to meet up if she had spare time.

And even the little guy messaged her.

Needless to say, when she opened his chatbox, she saw two full pages of messages, and each of the messages was sent five minutes apart.

They asked if she had boarded the plane. If the air conditioner was too cold on the plane. If Ye Wangchuan had brought her a blanket.

They even asked her what she had for lunch and what time she was going for rehabilitation in the afternoon. Each message had an image attached to it.

She finally finished replying to all the messages and got out of the car with Ye Wangchuan.

They were finally going to eat.

Gu San led the way. “I have told the Imperial Mansion’s boss to reserve a table for us. Miss Qiao, the dishes here are superb. Do you like Suzhou cuisine?”

“Suzhou cuisine?” She was occupied with replying to her messages and wasn’t able to keep up with the conversation. She thought deeply for a moment, trying to remember what Suzhou cuisine had to offer. She then frowned, pressed her throbbing temples, and said carelessly, “It’s alright. I’m fine with anything.”

Seeing her like this, Ye Wangchuan guessed that she wasn’t particularly fond of Suzhou cuisine. He reached out and helped carry her sling bag. He naturally carried it over his shoulder and gently said, “Suzhou cuisine has a lighter taste. You have been on a plane the whole day and did not have anything to eat. Eating something too spicy might upset your stomach.”

Qiao Nian herself studied medicine. Knowing that he was right, she simply agreed with him and grew silent.

When he saw this, the Ye family chauffeur was stunned.

Master Wang, are you not pampering her too much?

You’re helping a girl carry her bags, and even doing it so naturally.

This girl was also problematic. He had heard from Master Ye that Miss Qiao came to Beijing from Rao City to sit for the independent enrollment examinations. However, first and foremost, she was only a resident of Rao City.

For someone from Rao City, how could she seem so disinterested in the Imperial Mansion? Did she know what kind of a place it was and how hard it was to get a reservation?

Gu San would laugh out loud if he could hear what he was thinking.

After all, if it was hard to get a reservation at Imperial Mansion, would it be any easier to reserve a table at the Waterside Loft?

Previously, when Miss Qiao celebrated her birthday, she reserved all the private rooms there. With that, how difficult could it be to reserve a single table at the Imperial Mansion?

Just as they entered the restaurant.

A black Bentley stopped at the Imperial Mansion gates.

The valet recognized the license plate number and quickly ran forward to help them open the door.

Jiang Xianrou was the first to get out of the car.

She wore a light pink twill skirt to contrast the rest of her black outfit. She had the air of femininity and at the same time, an air of toughness. She looked energetic holding onto a bag of the same color as her top.

After she got out of the car, she didn’t forget to wait for her Mom to also get out.

As soon as she got out of the car, her eyebrows furrowed uneasily and she whispered, “Mom, do you think it’s too rash for us to go directly to Master Nie?”

“It’s rare for Master Nie to return to Beijing. How would he know we are looking for him?”

Tang Wanru was wearing a high-necked silk and satin coat with a square scarf and holding a luxury brand Hermes green platinum bag. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry and only had a black watch on her wrist. She was elegant and feminine when she smiled.

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