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Chapter 34: Did Not Even Care for Her

She went through a few pages of people commenting that they simply didn’t believe it. On the fourth page, the original poster commented as well.

[98th: The transfer student really scored full marks. I saw the score with my own eyes when I went to get the class materials from the teacher in the office. The dean of teaching and a few other teachers around were all shocked by the results, and everyone wanted to have her in their classes. PS: the new transfer student is also really pretty!!!]

Zhao Jingwei went through all the comments and was in disbelief by the time she read the last one.

“Chen Chen, did your sister report to school today as well?”

Qiao Chen had shoved Qiao Nian to the back of her mind. She’d been busy thinking about how everyone would act around her after news about her going to Ren Yi broke out. She couldn’t wait to get to class and was hence distracted this whole time. “I think so. Why?”

Zhao Jingwei said, “Didn’t you say your sister’s results aren’t good? There’s a post on the school forum that said the transfer student scored full marks in the entrance examination. It can’t possibly be her, right?!”

Qiao Chen stopped in her tracks and snatched her cell phone. “Let me see it.”

Seeing that her expression was turning awful, Zhao Jingwei tried to suggest otherwise. “It can’t be her if her results aren’t usually good. If it really was her, she’d have entered First High School back then, why would she need to transfer in now? Our school probably poached some star student from another school…”

Qiao Chen turned pale as she tightened her grip on the cell phone. She was so close to smashing Zhao Jingwei’s cell phone.

Zhao Jingwei’s heart ached for her phone, but she dared not ask for it.

Right then, someone walked in their direction.

The person was wearing a hoodie that reached her thighs. She was likely wearing shorts underneath, and her long and slender legs were exposed. The pretty face was much more exquisite than Qiao Chen’s, and her aura was amazing.

“Qiao Chen.” Zhao Jingwei grabbed Qiao Chen’s hand.

Qiao Chen forced a smile and called out, “Sister.”

Qiao Nian pretended not to see the two of them and simply said, “Excuse me!”

Qiao Chen’s expression darkened immediately as she made way for the arrogant figure walking past Class B and heading straight for Class A.

Zhao Jingwei’s eyes widened as she mumbled, “The person in the post was really Qiao Nian… how did her results get so good…”


Qiao Chen was frustrated and didn’t feel like responding to her.

She recalled that Qiao Nian’s results were impressive in elementary school and that Qiao Nian topped the cohort yearly. Her results only slipped in middle school. But each time she asked Qiao Nian for help in predicting questions, Qiao Nian always managed to do it.

Having heard that a new student was joining them, the Class A students were busy chattering instead of studying as usual.

Until Qiao Nian walked in.

All the guys in class kept their eyes on her.

Damn, this new student was too beautiful, even more so than Qiao Chen from Class B!

The girls sized Qiao Nian up quietly.

Qiao Nian scanned the surroundings for a seat. Shen Qingqing, one of the student committee members, got up and waved towards her. “New classmate, you can sit beside me, there’s no one in this seat.”

Qiao Nian walked over with her bag and placed it on the desk beside Shen Qingqing. She took a seat.

“Hi, I’m Shen Qingqing.”

A hand appeared before Qiao Nian. It was fair and chubby, with neatly-trimmed nails. She looked up to see a chubby face with a sweet smile and a dimple. It was full of innocence and extremely adorable as it looked at Qiao Nian with admiration.

“You must be Qiao Nian. I saw the post about you on the school forum. You’re amazing.”

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