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Chapter 329: No Security Check for Master Wang

Guessing that she wouldn’t reconsider, Ye Wangchuan nodded and put her schoolbag aside. He said to her, “The ticket has already been reserved. For the 10:30 AM flight on the 3rd, you should have enough time to sleep in. We will be fine with a little preparation on that day.”

Originally, he wanted to use their private plane. But after thinking about it, this time he was only going back to Beijing temporarily. Since they were going back secretly, there was no need to make such a big fuss.

In addition, Qiao Nian’s main purpose of going to Beijing this time was to pass the examination for Qing University. If she went to Beijing by private plane…

Someone would definitely notice her arrival.

At that time, it would be difficult for her to even take the test peacefully.

He had asked for Old Master Jiang’s opinion before. Old Master Jiang also suggested trying to keep a low profile.

Qiao Nian would surely return to Beijing and acknowledge her roots and ancestors. But before that, they still needed to maintain the protection measures around her.

This was in preparation for the changes and troubles in case the official announcement that she was the future Young Madam of Ye family was exposed. If that happened, many forces would be looking at her. She wouldn’t have any chance to prepare before being caught in the storm.

“Do I not need to go through security an hour in advance?” Qiao Nian hadn’t thought so far ahead. Any flight to Beijing would do.

In the driver’s seat, Gu San said with a smile, “That’s for the ordinary passengers. Since you’re taking the plane with Master Wang, there’s no security check for you.”

His voice was filled with pride.

But his pride was different from the pride of the Qiao Family and Fu Ge, who liked to look down on others. His pride was restrained and subtle.

“Miss Qiao, it is good you’re following Master Wang. After all, Beijing is Master Wang’s territory. He’ll definitely not lead you astray!”

Beijing was considered his territory?

Qiao Nian didn’t check too deeply into Ye Wangchuan’s identity. But his surname was Ye, and he also came from Beijing. Even if she didn’t look into his identity, she could guess.

There was only one Ye family in Beijing. It was an honorable family, and one of the earliest people who settled there.

To gauge how influential a person was in Rao City, one could guess just by observing the attitudes of the arrogant Tang Wei and Madam Fu.

Ye Wangchuan wasn’t as simple as he looked.

Qiao Nian already had a good grasp of the situation and looked relaxed. She wasn’t curious and had no intention of further questioning him.

Gu San thought she would be curious enough to ask him a few questions. Looking at the rearview mirror, Qiao Nian was already falling asleep.

The corners of his mouth twitched, but he calmed down after a second glance.

Honestly, it would be strange if Miss Qiao asked the typical question “Why is Beijing Master Wang’s territory?” like other ordinary girls.

Miss Qiao was known as Miss Qiao because she was always calm. She was always like a puzzle that people could not figure out.

The Miracle Doctor in Rao City, the one Professor Liang from Qing University tried to recruit, and one proficient with computers. Anyway, even if Miss Qiao had one or two more identities, he was going to stand on her side completely. He thought that Master Wang had found a good partner!

When Fu Ge returned home, he ignored his mother’s questions, went up to the second floor, and immediately shut himself in his room.

His bedroom had a total area of 40 square meters. In addition to the super large bed, there were rest areas, sofas, and desks in the room. Furthermore, there was a large balcony outside. He found a special person to design a bar with several bottles of red wine on the shelf which could not be bought in normal stores.

Fu Ge locked himself in his bedroom and irritatedly unbuttoned his shirt.

Although the collar was loosened, he did not breathe any smoother.

He kept thinking back to what happened at the First High School gates just now.

He quickly walked to the balcony, opened the glass door, and took out a bottle of branded wine. He unscrewed the lid, took a glass, and poured half of it with wine.

He emptied the glass in a single mouthful.

After his anger simmered down a little, his eyes flickered and he hesitantly took out his cell phone to search for Qiao Chen’s phone number.

After a few deliberations, he made the call.

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