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Chapter 328: Some Connections to the Ye Family

“Why is your schoolbag so heavy? You brought home your textbooks today?”

Ye Wangchuan helped her to get her schoolbag. It was rare to see it so full. His eyes narrowed slightly.

As Qiao Nian was still reading her messages, she replied without lifting her head, “Yes, I brought home a few books today.”

She usually didn’t bring her books back. Her schoolbag was always empty except for some small gadgets and accessories, such as the “gum” she carried with her all the time. In addition, she carried an iPad and a pen. Her schoolbag wasn’t like the typical schoolbag of a senior high school student.

This was the first time Ye Wangchuan had seen an “ordinary” side of her, carrying books like a typical high school student.

Feeling curious, he lowered his voice and asked, “What did you bring back? Revision materials for the examination?”

Meanwhile, on Qiao Nian’s cell phone.

Slim Waist Control was relaying a piece of news to her.

[Slim Waist Control: Boss, I have checked the information you asked me for. It wasn’t easy to dig up information on this person. Even after using the overseas server to hack into the computer system, I only managed to dig up a little bit of information.]

[Sun: Just let me know what you have found out.]

[Slim Waist Control: It says Ji Qing died 18 years ago, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find out how she died! I only found out that her death had a lot to do with the Ye family, as well as some links to the illegal zone. I don’t know exactly what happened. I only know that she died in Beijing 18 years ago.]

Ye family?

The illegal zone?

Qiao Nian did not realize that her biological mother’s death would be so complicated, even involving some connections to the illegal zone.

The illegal zone, as the name suggested, was outside the control of the law.

The illegal zone did not mean that the area had no laws, but instead, it was okay for you to do anything illegal there.

As long as you had money, you would be able to do anything freely!

No one cared whether you were a murderer or a criminal.

There were no taboos there!

It was all about one’s own strength.

The illegal zone was like a shadow. If the world of ordinary people was considered day, then the illegal zone would be night. In fact, many people didn’t even know of the existence of the illegal zone.

However, people who knew of it were aware of how terrifying the place could be.

It was considered one of the largest and most powerful forces overseas.

Qiao Nian’s eyes drooped and her eyes were cold.

No wonder neither Jiang Li and Old Master said anything about her mom.

If the death of her biological mother had something to do with the illegal zone, this situation was more complicated than she had initially thought. She needed to investigate carefully.

As Qiao Nian was thinking of the current news, it was inevitable that she became a little absent-minded. “Yes, the school teacher gave me a few books of review materials.”

While talking, at the same time, she also replied to Slim Waist Control.

[Sun: Try again and see what you can find out. I’m not in a rush.]

[Slim Waist Control: Okay. It’s good you aren’t in a rush. I will try to hack into other servers. They may contain the information you are looking for.]

[Slim Waist Control: Boss, why are you caring so much about the people in Rao City recently? What’s the situation? Are you in Rao City?]

Could it be that he had found out his boss’s hiding place?

Qiao Nian immediately went offline and logged out of the software.

The red-colored software automatically disappeared from her phone screen as if it never existed in the first place and left no trace behind.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t see who she was sending messages to. He only saw her face become tenser as if she was in trouble.

It wasn’t convenient for him to pry, and he could only hold onto Qiao Nian’s schoolbag. With his deep and introverted eyes, he said, “Are you bringing all these books to Beijing?”

Qiao Nian had already put away her cell phone and silently raised her head. She thought of what Slim Waist Control said and the connection between the Ye family and her mom’s death. Feeling another headache coming, she said, “I don’t think there’s a need. I don’t think I will have time to look through all of them. It’s also too heavy. Just leave them in Rao City.”

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