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Chapter 323: What If I Get Admitted?

His words implied that Sister Nian had been admitted to Class A, not because of her own grades, but because she had cheated.

Qing University’s independent enrollment couldn’t be cheated, so Sister Nian wouldn’t pass the exam!

It was disgusting.

Fu Ge didn’t think he was disgusting. He thought that he was all about Qiao Nian’s well-being, so he spoke the truth without hesitation.

“You don’t understand Qing University’s independent admissions exam. The independent admissions don’t seem to have as many people as the college entrance examination, but the competition is much greater. All the top students from various prestigious schools will be there.

“Chen Chen went to Beijing a month ago, and her Uncle has found her a famous tutor. Her grades in her cultural class have risen sharply.

“She’ll still take the path of an art student, but you’re different from her. You can only rely on your cultural class score! If your cultural class score is less than the top 30, you won’t even be eligible for an interview.”

He looked deeply at the exercise book in his hand and said painstakingly, “Qiao Nian, I don’t want you to go to Beijing without even being eligible for an interview. This exercise book contains popular questions for the college entrance examination this year. I’ve circled them all! As long as you learn it carefully, at least you won’t be last place. Your father is a professor at Qing University, you can’t embarrass him.”

“Heh~” Qiao Nian couldn’t help laughing.

The expression on her face was a little puzzled, and she asked casually while staring at him, “Why does it matter to you if I embarrass him? Who else told you that I’ll only be last place if I go?”

Qiao Chen?

Seeing that he had already tried his best to persuade her, but she still refused to accept the exercise book he kindly prepared for her, annoyance flashed across his handsome face. The corners of his mouth moved, and he couldn’t help but bring out his true thoughts, “So you mean you can pass Qing University?”

“Yes, I can.” Qiao Nian nodded without hesitation.

Fu Ge was speechless.

Did she think that Qing University was just a Tier 3 school on the side of the road?

To think that back then, he had been admitted to Qing University as the top scorer in Rao City’s science department, and the entire First High School had been in an uproar!

So far, his name was still on the list of honorable alumni.

Did Qiao Nian understand what kind of school Qing University was?!

It was the university that students all over the country dreamed of!

He took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and said in a deep voice, “Qiao Nian, I know you’re confident, and you think you can enter Qing University. But self-confidence doesn’t apply to every place. Sometimes overconfidence is equal to arrogance, and it’ll only delay you.

“You and Chen Chen are taking the exam together this time. I don’t want it to end up with her passing the exam and you failing. Although it’s normal for you not to pass the exam, if I were you, I would seize the remaining week or so and let go of the so-called arrogance. I would accept help, recognize my own shortcomings, and study more questions… In the end, even if I don’t pass the exam, at least I can tell myself that I’ve done my best.”

Shen Qingqing never knew that hearing someone care for another could sound so disgusting.

These were obviously such concerned words, but why did it sound so harsh in her ears?

It was so ear-piercing that she wanted to hit someone!

She wasn’t the only one feeling this way. When Fu Ge talked about Qiao Chen’s good grades and Qiao Nian’s bad grades, Chen Yuan, Liang Bowen, and everyone in Class A wanted to beat him up.

Chen Yuan clenched his fists and almost swung it at his face.

Qiao Nian squinted her black eyes, watching him still persuading her earnestly. She sneered and interrupted him nonchalantly. “You keep saying that I can’t pass the exam. If I pass Qing University, will you broadcast yourself eating shit?”

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