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Chapter 322: Impossible to Pass Qing University With Your Grades

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Ye Wangchuan had never been clear about what kind of person Qiao Nian’s biological mother was, and what kind of favor they owed for the Ye Family to have an arranged marriage with them since young.

He was about to ask when suddenly, he heard Gu San saying, “Master Wang, is Miss Qiao being blocked by someone? Why is that person so familiar? Young Master Fu?” Gu San said in surprise. “He has a girlfriend, why is he blocking Miss Qiao? Has he broken up with Qiao Chen?”

Ye Wangchuan was originally focused on the phone call, but when he heard him muttering quietly, his deep eyes made waves. He pressed down the window glass and turned his head to look at the school gate.

Sure enough, he saw Fu Ge blocking Qian Nian’s way.

Looking over from this angle, the tall and handsome boy had his head bowed and was talking to the girl with a gentle and focused expression.

Looking over from a distance, they looked like a couple.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes darkened as if hiding a whirlpool, and he suddenly whispered to the person on the other end of the phone, “I have something urgent to deal with. I will call you later.”

Having said that, he hung up without hesitation.

He opened the door, got up, and said to Gu San, “I’ll go over and take a look.”

Gu San watched him simply hang up on Old Master Ye and walk in Qiao Nian’s direction. He almost blurted out to remind him: ‘Master Wang, Miss Qiao isn’t your girlfriend yet!’

Was it really okay for him to have such a gallant and arrogant attitude?

However, he only saw his back, and he was already too far to dissuade.

The school gate across the road.

Qiao Nian looked at the test booklet he handed her, raised her eyebrows, and said, “What’s this?”

Fu Ge felt that she was asking knowingly, but still patiently explained, “My exercise book.”

Of course Qiao Nian knew that this was an exercise book. She wasn’t curious about that. “I mean, why are you giving me your exercise book?”

Were they very familiar?

Or did she look like a trash picker?

Fu Ge thought she didn’t understand what he meant and said proudly, “I heard you want to pass Qing University’s exam?”


Did this have something to do with her picking trash?

The most unacceptable thing about her was the indifference and calmness she showed him at the same time! She had been the same when they were together.

She was always calm, always easygoing as if even a big problem was nothing in front of her!

Such an independent girl was certainly good.

But if his girlfriend was too independent, as a man, he couldn’t find a balance, because Qiao Nian never seemed to need his help.

“With your grades, it’s impossible to pass Qing University.”

Qiao Nian raised an eyebrow as her eyes darkened. She looked at him with her boundlessly dark eyes, not knowing how he had come to this conclusion.

Fu Ge took a deep breath and said in what he thought was the most sincere tone, “Your grades are not as good as Chen Chen’s since young. I don’t understand how you got into Class A and how you came in first place in the final test, but it’s impossible for you to pass Qing University’s independent enrollment!”

Shen Qingqing and the others felt their mouths itch upon hearing this.

Other than Chen Yuan, they all thought it was too risky for Qiao Nian to take Qing University’s independent enrollment. It was highly likely that she would fail!

But no matter what they thought in their hearts, everyone wanted to cheer Sister Nian on and encourage her before she left. They didn’t want to put pressure on her, regardless of whether she could pass the exam or not.

However, Fu Ge was saying so directly that Sister Nian could not pass the exam and that her grades were poor.

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