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Chapter 294: The People in the Video Are Her and Fu Ge

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The quality of the video was very poor, and it could be seen that it was taken a few years ago.

The girl in the video was wearing the school uniform of Rao City First High School and holding the arm of a handsome boy. She was stumbling all the way to the hotel. The boy seemed to have drunk too much, and sometimes stopped to talk to the girl. Suddenly, the boy, who was taller by a whole head, lowered his head and kissed the girl’s mouth.

After the kiss, the girl coyly continued to help the drunk boy back towards the hotel. After a while, she took out a room card and disappeared from the surveillance cameras.

After Qiao Chen finished watching the video, she stood up feeling livid. She gripped her phone tightly and trembled with anger.

With just a glance, other people might not be able to recognize the people in the video. However, she knew very well it was her and Fu Ge.

When she was 16 years old, she saw Fu Ge confessing to Qiao Nian. Qiao Nian had agreed and they started to date.

Fu Ge accompanied Qiao Nian to school every morning and walked her back home after school ended. Initially, she was merely irritated by this.

What was so good about Qiao Nian? All she had was a prettier than average face. In terms of grades, Qiao Nian’s grades were not as good as her own. In terms of character, her personality was dark and gloomy, unlike her lively and cheerful demeanor. Why should she have a boyfriend!

Previously, she did not think much about it. At most, she sabotaged the times when they were alone and deliberately joined in.

However, after some time, she started to notice Fu Ge’s good sides.

He was handsome, rich, got good grades in school, and his family was the kind of family she and her parents had always wanted to cling to. She started to have ideas.

She knew that she had no chance in terms of appearance. Initially, she came between them using the excuse of being her younger sister. Every time, using this excuse, she laughed and played around with Fu Ge.

In the beginning, she was afraid that Qiao Nian would see through her and was more careful and attentive. However, she later found out how inattentive Qiao Nian was!

As a girlfriend, she never held hands with her boyfriend, never acted coquettishly, and was so independent. It was as though they were not a couple and just ordinary friends!

It was then that she saw an opportunity.

During the celebration party of Fu Ge’s successful admission into Qing University, she deliberately led him away after he had gotten drunk. She then confessed to him and expressed her feelings.

Sure enough, under the influence of alcohol, Fu Ge did not refuse her and even kissed her.

She took the opportunity to bring him to a hotel and opened a room. She made an excuse that she smelled of alcohol and wanted to take a bath in his room.

While in the bath, she pretended to slip and fall and waited for him to rush in and “save” her. After that, everything else happened naturally.

At that time, she was sure that her plan had worked. Who would have imagined that when she got up the next day, Fu Ge’s first reaction was not to take responsibility, but instead to apologize profusely to her, even when he was suffering from a headache? At that time, she also suffered a lot, but she put up with it and continued to act as a good sister.

Qiao Nian still didn’t know anything. She also continued to refuse any intimate contact with Fu Ge. However, a person’s feelings would eventually change, given enough time. Finally, Fu Ge chose to be with her.

It could be said that going to the hotel and spending the night with him was the most important turning point for her to win him over. Similarly, it was also the biggest evidence against her that showed she had been involved in Qiao Nian and Fu Ge’s relationship.

Furthermore, she was only 16 then. If everyone found out, no one would care even if they were in love, and would only blame her for not loving herself more because she spent the night in a hotel with a boy at such a young age!


Qiao Chen’s lips trembled as her eyes stared intently at her cell phone screen. Her face was as pale as paper. She really couldn’t understand. This incident happened two or three years ago. Who would have searched for a video taken three years ago and posted it directly under the latest news!

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