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Chapter 292: A Deadlock Without Qiao Nian

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The rose garden was now in turmoil.

The people from the moving company had already arrived, but Qiao Chen hid in the room and refused to come out.

Qiao Weimin seemed to have grown older overnight, and the dignity that had come out of his patronage was wiped out by the recent frustrations. He sat on the sofa ignoring the movers, his scarlet eyes staring at the phone in his hand.

He could not send it out!

He still could not send it out!

He had sent seven or eight messages in a row, all of which showed that the other party refused to accept it. He sighed heavily and fell on the back of the sofa with a look of decline, seeming to be a little older than just now.

Shen Qiongzhi walked over worriedly at this time and saw him sitting on the sofa staring at his mobile phone. She couldn’t help but say, “Weimin, Chen Chen has been staying in the room upstairs since I came back. Should I go up and see her?”

At this moment, Qiao Weimin had determined that he had been blocked, and he couldn’t summon enough energy to do anything. Hearing this, he only raised his eyelids without raising his head and said, “Don’t worry about her, let her stay alone.”

“Is it really okay?” Shen Qiongzhi still felt uneasy, and she frequently looked up in the direction of the bedroom on the second floor. “I think her face looked quite gloomy when she came back…”

Qiao Weimin was not in the mood to comfort her and only said in weak spirits, “She’s not as vulnerable as you think. She has probably suffered a blow, let her stay alone for a while and digest it by herself. It’s a hundred times better than you going up and comforting her!”

Originally, she had been recommended for a spot in Beijing’s famous school, and she was about to spread her wings and soar. However, in the blink of an eye, she had lost her recommendation in Ren Yi. Moreover, Nian Nian was also favored by a school that was better than Ren Yi. Of course she would feel aggrieved!

Qiao Weimin understood Qiao Chen’s feelings at the moment. He knew that instead of comforting her at this time, it was better to let her stay alone and vent her emotions…

When Shen Qiongzhi heard this, she didn’t mention any more words to comfort Qiao Chen by going upstairs. Seeing his decadent and numb appearance, she pursed her lips and said, “Weimin, don’t be like this. We haven’t reached the end of the world…”

Qiao Weimin raised his eyes and glanced at her, a bitter smile appearing on the corner of his mouth. He nodded reluctantly. “Yeah.”

In fact, only he himself knew how powerless they were!

Qiao Corporation’s estate was like a train with its tail on fire, unstoppable.

Cheng Feng Corporation had now completely fallen out with them. They hadn’t taken any action to suppress them before the birthday party and had just announced in a low-key manner that they wouldn’t cooperate with them anymore. After the birthday party, it became a clear suppression of them.

Yuan Yongqin had even said that whoever dared to cooperate with the Qiao Corporation was going against her!

The business circle in Rao City was only so big. Yuan Yongqin was backed by the Yuan Family in Beijing and was the boss of a large group like the Cheng Feng Corporation. How many people in Rao City would dare to cooperate with the Qiao Family now?

In addition, their previous applications for development projects had been all thwarted, and even those they had hired someone to transfer funds had been returned to them… If they weren’t at the end of the line, he wouldn’t have thought of selling the house.

He knew very well in his heart that the only way to get rid of the current situation was one person—Qiao Nian!

If Qiao Nian was willing to come forward and stand on their side, this deadlock was not without room for maneuver.

So, he kept sending messages to ease the relationship. But after two days of drowning her with messages, his number had been blocked.

He already knew in his heart that Qiao Nian would never give them another chance…

So, this was a dead-end!

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