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Chapter 280: Scouted by Qing University

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“You must be Qiao Nian. I’ve seen your video online. I didn’t expect that in person, you look even more…” Teacher Gu smiled but couldn’t find the words to complete his sentence.

How should he describe this girl standing before him? When he saw her complete the surgical procedure on the video, he already felt that she was an exceptionally calm and composed person. Now that he saw her in person, he noticed that she didn’t have much of a reaction despite knowing they were recruitment teachers from Qing University.

Shouldn’t any student be agitated after hearing the words “Qing University”?


He thought for a bit and felt that perhaps it was nothing strange for someone this talented and gifted to act so nonchalantly. With that thought, his brows eased and he reached out for a handshake. “… You’re even prettier than in the video. Nice to meet you, I’m Gu Qinan.”

Seeing the hospitable smile on his round face, Qiao Nian didn’t stick her hand out. Instead, she simply responded briefly, “Qiao Nian.”

It wasn’t that she did not want to hold his hand. She was simply a clean freak.

She’d develop an allergic reaction to it.

But to others, this appeared arrogance.

Liang Lu frowned deeply. She didn’t say a word, but she looked extremely unhappy.

This Qiao Nian is too proud!

Gu Qinan, on the other hand, did not think it was much. He retracted his hand and rubbed his nose, then said with a smile, “Qiao Nian, we’re here to ask you if you’re interested in studying Medicine.”

Study Medicine? Qiao Nian pursed her lips for a moment as her eyes went deep. Nobody knew what she was thinking. “… I’m alright.”

She had thought about what to study in the future. Previously, she hadn’t been sure. But after what had happened with the kid, she felt that it wasn’t a bad idea to study Medicine.

Seeing that she didn’t decline right away, Gu Qinan continued, “We saw your video online and feel that you’re very talented in this field. It’d be such a pity if you don’t pursue it. So, Qiao Nian, what do you think of coming to Qing University to study Medicine?”

He was the only person talking in the principal’s office.

Qiao Chen had been about to leave the room with Qiao Weimin, but upon hearing their conversation, she clenched her fists so hard her skin almost tore.

She recalled the rumors going around in school a while back, about how the professors from Qing University were impressed by the video they watched of her and were coming to First High School to look for her. She hadn’t believed it and thought that the Class A students were merely making stories.

Qing University wasn’t an ordinary school. There were only ever cases of students who begged and pleaded to get in. When had Qing University made the first move to invite anyone?

So, this wasn’t just a rumor? It was true?!

Qiao Chen felt something lodged in her throat. She found it hard to breathe.

Qiao Nian was being scouted by Qing University!

She recalled how she’d taken such efforts to be offered a confirmed place in Ren Yi. It hadn’t been long before it was canceled. Now, she even had to transfer to Fifth High School, which was inferior to First High School in every way… Meanwhile, Qiao Nian was trampling all over her and getting offered a place in Qing University!

Why was it so unfair?!

Qiao Weimin felt upset as well.

He had already regretted his actions utterly when he experienced what happened at Waterside Loft the previous day. Tang Wei’s words thereafter struck him even harder.

Now, he was watching the adoptive daughter he abandoned get offered a place in Qing University. She could possibly develop her career in Beijing in the future; she would have so many opportunities and so much to explore. He felt as if someone was squeezing his heart and trying to gouge it out of him…


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