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Chapter 271: She Wanted Master Nie to Be Her Teacher

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As Jiang Xianrou thought about it, she was reminded of something and asked Tang Wanru, “Oh, right. Mom, I’ve heard that Master Nie is back in the country. Do you know where he is?”

Master Nie was the best Konghou master in the country. He was really skilled. If she could pick up the Konghou with his teachings, she would be more popular than Chase Light!

Tang Wanru knew who Master Nie was and answered smilingly, “I’ll ask your grandpa next time. He’s close to Master Nie. Your grandpa would know if he’s back in Beijing. I’ll bring you along to visit…”

Master Nie wasn’t someone you could visit just like that.

The Jiang family was powerful, but it wasn’t all-powerful in a complex place like Beijing. Luckily, Old Master Jiang was well-connected and knew quite a few of the most powerful people in Beijing. Master Nie was one of them…

Even though others in Beijing wanted to meet Master Nie, she was the only one who could do so.

Jiang Xianrou’s eyes lit up as she smiled uncontrollably. She held her hand and whined. “Thanks, Mom.”

Tang Wanru had two sons, but only one daughter. Jiang Xianrou was her darling. She wouldn’t put as much effort into her sons and was elated to see how excited her daughter was. Smiling, she said, “Xianrou, if you manage to be instructed by Master Nie, you must learn seriously, alright? It doesn’t matter if you become skilled in the konghou. What’s more important is for you to associate with Master Nie who is powerful in the music industry. He’s influential in the upper echelon of society as well. If you become his student, your identity will change.”


Jiang Xianrou knew that as well. Her real goal wasn’t just to be more popular than Chase Light. She set her goal to be one of the most powerful people in Beijing, and she was confident in reaching her goal. She said, “Don’t worry, Mom. No one in Beijing is as talented as me in music. I’m confident in becoming Master Nie’s student!”


Tang Wanru loved to see her daughter so confident. She smiled as she held her hand and said slowly, “Your cousin will be sent back after the College Entrance Examination is over. You should keep a distance from her. No matter how much your grandpa and father love her, you must know that you’re the real jewel brought up by the Jiang family. She’s like a normal piece of rock picked up from outside.”


“Placing a jewel beside a rock will cause it to lose its value. You’ll be sabotaging yourself if you compare yourself to her! Do you understand that?”

A look of contempt, pride, and disgust appeared on Jiang Xianrou’s pretty face. However, it disappeared after a moment. She nodded and said, “Mom, don’t worry about it. She’s nothing to me!”

She was just a cousin from Rao City that reconnected with the family after decades. If she wasn’t connected with Master Wang, Jiang Xianrou wouldn’t even notice her.

A family as powerful as the Ye’s would be careful when choosing those who would marry into the family. She believed that the Ye family would surely notice her if she was good enough.


In the house.

Qiao Nian went downstairs after changing her outfit. She was no longer in the blue shirt and jeans she was wearing during the day. She was wearing her favorite hoodie now.

It was a black oversized hoodie that covered her thighs. She was also wearing a pair of jean shorts that showed off her long and slender legs.

“Miss Qiao, you’re awake!” Gu San greeted her as he unintentionally noticed her going down the stairs.

Damn, even if you don’t consider other aspects, Miss Qiao must have a lot of suitors in school because of her legs.

Master Wang must be facing stiff competition!


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