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Chapter 270: Only Chase Light Could Compare to Her

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“I’ve told you that my biological parents’ surname was Jiang…”

She recalled mentioning it to him when she delivered the pills to his clinic on the day she reconnected with her family.

Wei Lou stayed silent for a while before saying, “… You did. But you didn’t tell me that it was the Jiang family from Rao City!”

“Are the Jiang’s from Rao City different from the normal Jiang surname?”


Jiang Li remained silent for a while before changing the topic.


“What about Ye Wangchuan, what’s going on?”

“… A friend.” A good friend.

Qiao Nian didn’t like to explain herself. If she wasn’t close to him, she would have hung up already.

She gave a brief explanation about how she was trying to treat Chen Chen’s illness. Wei Lou was informed that Ye Wangchuan was the client that wanted to contact her through him.

But she didn’t tell him that Ye Wangchuan and Jiang Li were close and that they were staying together.

She hung up and opened the messages that she didn’t reply to. She didn’t know what to feel about them.

She didn’t expect that Jiang Zongjin and Ye Wangchuan would stand up for her after she left.

It was a weird feeling having someone suddenly having her back.

At the Jiang family in Beijing.

Tang Wanru was arranging flowers in the living room. Seeing that Jiang Xianrou had returned, she put the flowers away, wiped her hands, and asked gracefully, “You’ve returned?”

“Yup, I was collecting this certificate from school.”

Jiang Xianrou placed a red certificate on the table. She was used to such awards and wasn’t surprised. She behaved like a typical rich lady.

She walked over to Tang Wanru after placing the certificate on the table and asked softly, “Mom, I saw that Dad’s car is parked outside. Wasn’t he celebrating Qiao Nian’s birthday at Rao City today? Why isn’t he there?”

A look of disdain appeared on Tang Wanru’s face when she heard that. But it disappeared quickly, and her face looked graceful again as she said, “It’s nothing. Your uncle called him and told him not to come over. The party was ruined. I’ve heard that Qiao Nian fought with someone?”

“Fought with someone?” Jiang Xianrou was shocked. She scoffed after that. “… Indeed, she can’t be a part of us.”

How could someone like that come to Beijing?

She would ruin the Jiang family’s reputation!

Tang Wanru wasn’t concerned with a niece who was separated from the Jiang family for decades. She cared more about her daughter. She noticed the certificate from the piano association that Jiang Xianrou placed on the table, picked it up, and asked proudly, “You’re the first place again?

“How was the competition this time?”

Jiang Xianrou shrugged and answered nonchalantly, “It was alright. The second place was really good. But I heard that she stole the piece that she submitted and was disqualified.”

It was quite a fierce competition for first place this time. According to her instructor, quite a few of the judges wanted to award the first place to the stolen piece. But it didn’t sound good on the piano. Hence, after consideration, they felt that her piece was better.

She was studying medicine at Qing University, but she was talented in playing the piano as well. She was starting to gain popularity in the country and had received countless awards already.

If anyone in her generation could compare to her, it would only be the mysterious and eccentric Chase Light.

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