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Chapter 26: Owing Qiao Nian’s Mother a Huge Favor

When Qiao Nian had gotten her wound cleaned, the group of them left Nanyuan.

The Jiang family car was parked outside the hospital.

Old Master Jiang wasn’t in good health. Having rushed from place to place the whole day, he looked extremely fatigued now. Father Jiang pushed the wheelchair and said to Qiao Nian, “Nian Nian, I’ll send your grandpa home to rest first. You’ll be alright going to school on your own tomorrow?”

Qiao Nian nodded. “No problem.”

Jiang Li took the initiative and said, “Don’t worry, First Uncle. I’ll send her to school later, don’t you worry!”

Jiang Zongnan kicked him teasingly. “You’ve got to take good care of your little sister, you hear that? Don’t be as clumsy as you usually are. If she even loses a single strand of hair, you’ll get it from me!”

Jiang Li couldn’t be bothered with him. With his ear stud glinting, he said casually, “I got it.”

Jiang Zongnan took a bank card from his wallet and handed it to him. His eyes softened as he looked at Qiao Nian and said, “Take this with you. Get her a set of clothes from the mall later.”

Jiang Li did not accept it. He looked up slightly and said a little rudely, “I don’t want it, keep it for yourself! I can afford to get Nian Nian new clothes, I don’t need yours!”

Jiang Zongnan walked to Qiao Nian instead and stuffed the card in her hand, looking extremely apologetic. “Nian Nian, Second Uncle didn’t bring you any welcome gift. Keep this with you and get anything you want with it. If there isn’t enough, let your Second Brother know, I’ll put more money in.”

Qiao Nian lacked everything but money!

She looked at the bank card Jiang Zongnan handed to her. It was a CitiBank card — she had a Black Card from that bank too, which Wei Lou and the rest deposited money into. The card Jiang Zongnan handed her wasn’t a Black Card but a Gold Card. She recalled the Bank Manager telling her that the minimum amount for a Gold Card was five million yuan. There was quite a lot of money on this card…

“Keep it with you! Your Second Aunt and Sister aren’t even here when they should be. If you don’t take it, I’ll feel bad.”

Old Master Jiang felt comforted when he saw that she didn’t immediately accept it. He said tenderly, “Since your Second Uncle is giving it to you, just take it. He should’ve given you a huge welcome gift in the first place. This barely counts.”

Jiang Zongnan smiled with class, exuding the aura of a successful man. “Nian Nian, keep this with you first. Take it that Second Uncle is giving you some allowance. Your grandpa is right, this welcome gift is too petty!”

A five-million yuan CitiBank Gold Card was too petty.

Qiao Nian really wanted to know who these relatives were now!

She couldn’t decline any further. “Thank you, Second Uncle.”

Jiang Li sounded sour. “Tsk, I want to hear Nian Nian call me Second Brother too.”

His father was so nice to Qiao Nian, he was getting a little envious as the biological son.

But he knew this couldn’t be helped. His First Uncle only had one daughter, and she’d been missing for years. Moreover, his dad had mentioned that the Jiang family owed Nian Nian’s mother a huge favor. They had his First Aunt to thank for their current success.

Although he had no idea what had happened in the past, given the adults’ current attitudes, he simply had to treat her well!

Jiang Li casually rested his hand on Qiao Nian’s shoulder and said to Old Master Jiang and the other elders, “Grandpa, Dad, you guys can leave first. I’ll take good care of Nian Nian. I’ll give you a call if there’s anything.”

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