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Chapter 258: Not a Sensitive Person in Nature

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How could she be so wild?

Shen Qiongzhi fumed.

Qiao Nian walked forward and stood in front of Qiao Chen. She pressed play on the audio recording.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Get up, I know you’re fine. Quit acting.”

“Are you done? Get up. You’re just a little cripple. Stop acting.”

It was a short video of a few seconds.

It finished quickly.

Qiao Chen’s expression was very pale, as if she had seen a ghost. Her hands trembled. She clung onto Shen Qiongzhi’s arm to stand upright.

Her pupils shook violently.

How could Qiao Nian have this video?!

I thought there were no surveillance cameras in that corridor?

Qiao Chen was flustered while facing Qiao Nian, who was waiting for her explanation. She subconsciously opened her mouth, wanting to explain.

However, her mind was blank. At that moment, she couldn’t think of a single word to say.

She thought that Qiao Nian had barged in to talk about the song.

She was already mentally prepared for it.

Who knew, instead of the song, Qiao Nian came after her for what happened in the hospital! She also got hold of the video so quickly.

“Explain.” The girl lifted her chin slightly without much emotion, but it was very pressurizing.

Qiao Chen was at a loss for words. Biting the tip of her tongue, she blurted out. “This video is fake.”

She tried to compose herself after speaking.

That’s right. There were no surveillance cameras in that corridor. Qiao Nian must have found someone to edit the video to scare her.

She would be a fool if she admitted to it.

Qiao Chen took a deep breath and calmed down. She deliberately ignored the fact that the conversation was exactly the same as what she said to the cripple in the hospital even though it was a “fake” video.

“I don’t know where you got this. I don’t know anyone from there.

“Someone must be framing me.” Her eyes filled with tears as if she was really wronged.


Qiao Nian laughed and kept her phone. She could easily dominate her with her height. But, she dominated everyone in the private room with her aura, including Tang Wei’s group!

“Qiao Chen, do you only know how to cry? Do you think everything in the world can be resolved with your tears?

“You were the same when you were together with Fu Ge. You cried as if I wronged you.

“It’s the same now. I haven’t finished what I wanted to say, and you’ve already started crying.”

Tears must be powerful as they could solve many problems in the world. However, she wasn’t a sensitive person in nature and couldn’t cry since young.

Children who couldn’t cry were destined to be disadvantaged.

Seeing Qiao Chen cry, Shen Qiongzhi’s heart ached and she hugged her. She reprimanded. “Qiao Nian, have you had enough? What are you trying to say with this baffling video? Are you saying Chen Chen is the one in the video? And that Chen Chen pushed someone?

“We can’t even see the person’s face clearly! You know that she has had a weak body since young. What are you trying to do by provoking her? Do you want to send her to the hospital? Do you want her dead so that you can finally feel at ease!”

Qiao Nian was used to her siding with Qiao Chen and bringing up her illness without finding out more about the situation.

“I didn’t say that the person in the video was her, though?”

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