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Chapter 257: Sister Nian Threw the Cell Phone in Front of Her, Take It

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Although Xu Xu’s group didn’t know what happened, they joined in and followed suit.

“Yes. Chen Chen, don’t be too kind. No matter what happened, she shouldn’t have hit you.”

“That’s right. I also think we should call the police. She also called the police for a small matter previously. Why can’t we do so, too!”


Qiao Chen wanted to shut their mouths.

She was very annoyed and her eyebrows were furrowed. People who didn’t know what happened might think she was being too nice, but in fact, she felt extremely guilty.


Call the police? If she didn’t know the truth behind the piece that was awarded, she would also have called the police.

However, the problem was that Qiao Nian just reminded her in the toilet about the incident regarding the award she received for the song.

She threw the song to Qiao Nian to help her “modify” it. A long time has passed and she didn’t think Qiao Nian still had “evidence”, but it was good to be cautious.

Qiao Chen thought about this and controlled her attitude.

Don’t call the police.

Who knew that at this moment, the door of the private room was forced open from the outside.

A woman with a delicate face, perfect features, and pale skin walked in. Her porcelain-white skin allowed her fine hair to be seen under the light. Her face wasn’t powdered, but she was exceptionally beautiful.

Normally, these looks should belong to someone who was exquisite and innocent. However, there was an untamable arrogance in her dark eyes. She was outstanding.

Qiao Nian!

Seeing her walk in, the Qiao Family’s face turned pale.

He Yujuan rolled her eyes in anger.

Qiao Weimin had a strange look on his face.

Shen Qiongzhi raised her brows and said sharply, “Qiao Nian, how dare you come here!”

Okay, she was determined to humiliate her today!

Shen Qiongzhi’s exquisite face was distorted. She unconsciously tightened her grip on Qiao Chen and did not notice her wince of pain.

“Qiao Nian, did you hit Chen Chen?

“How could you hit her?

“Let me tell you. If you don’t come up with a convincing reason today, I will go to your school and look for your principal. I will also call the police…”

She thought that if she brought up the police, the person who barged in would be afraid.

Who knew that this nonchalant girl would throw her cell phone in front of her and say, “Sure. I’ll give you my cell phone. You can call the police.”

Shen Qiongzhi swallowed her words after Qiao Nan’s audacious reply.

Seeing the look in her eyes, she replied irritably, “Qiao Nian, don’t think that because your biological father has relations with people in Beijing that you can be so lawless. This is Rao City. If you don’t apologize to Chen Chen today, even if I have to involve the entire Qiao Family, I will not let you off!”

Fu Ge’s handsome face showed dissatisfaction. Regardless of his mother’s objections, he said harshly, “Qiao Nian, apologize to Chen Chen!”

His tone was just like a boyfriend giving his girlfriend an order.

It was also like a father ordering his son to do something.

Hearing this, Qiao Nian raised her brows. Her wild dark eyes glanced in his direction.

“What, this rubbish is living?”

Her lips were rosy, but her voice was a little hoarse. She said her words slowly and insulted him with a rhetorical question.

Fu Ge’s expression darkened.

Just as he was about to reply.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to bother with him anymore. She looked at Shen Qiongzhi and said, “I was the one who slapped her. Are you going to call the police? If not, then I will!”

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