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Chapter 256: She Still Wanted to Call the Cops

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She continued softly, “Let’s call the cops!”

It was as though she sealed Qiao Nian’s fate.

Call the cops? Shen Qiongzhi was shocked as she didn’t think of it. Then, she reacted. She agreed harshly with a cold expression. “Yes, call the cops!”

Why didn’t she think of that?

A high schooler who was about to graduate would never enroll in a good university, no matter how good her grades were, if she had a criminal record!

If Qiao Nian couldn’t enroll in a good university, it didn’t matter if her father was a professor from Qing University. So what if she knew someone like Yuan Yongqin?

She could only study in a third-class university.

When she graduated, they would be worlds apart!

“I’ll call the cops now!” Shen Qiongzhi wanted to do it immediately. She couldn’t wait to give her a criminal record.

Qiao Chen started to panic and held onto her hands. Panicked, she lost her voice as she screamed. “Don’t!”

The others were utterly shocked.

Shen Qiongzhi couldn’t understand her thoughts.

“Why can’t we call the cops? She hit you, are you gonna take it like that?”

Qiao Chen didn’t know how to explain to everyone what had happened. She repeated herself, “Mom, don’t call the cops.”

She got worried as she thought about what Qiao Nian told her. Her throat was in pain, as though it was scalded by hot water.

“Mom, please. Don’t call the cops.

“I wasn’t hurt. It’s just a scrap. The cops are busy and don’t have time for such petty squabbles.”

She tried to think of other ways to convince Shen Qiongzhi. Anxious and tearing, she pleaded. “It’s my birthday, and I haven’t cut my cake. I don’t want to make a big fuss out of this and spoil the mood for everyone.

“Plus, there are so many guests present…”

Her last sentence caused Shen Qiongzhi to change her mind. She started to reconsider it.

She knew how much effort they put in inviting everyone. They wanted to be the center of attraction today so that everyone in Rao City could see how perfect their daughter was.

They also wanted to show everyone that they had a lot of connections and that the Qiao Corporation wouldn’t go bust so easily.

But they achieved none of their aims today. It was all ruined by Qiao Nian!

Shen Qiongzhi hardened her heart as she thought about it. She frowned as she looked at her pleading daughter and lamented. “You have been kind your whole life. You would never fight for your rights and would always be taken advantage of. I thought that she would stop bullying you after we told everyone that you are our only daughter. But you were still bullied. How can I let it slide!”


Qiao Chen breathed a sigh of relief. She accepted what Shen Qiongzhi said without any guilt. She held her hand and whined. “Mom… I think this is a small matter. I don’t want you, Dad, or Grandma to be angered by it…”


Tang Wei said, “If we don’t treat this seriously, people might say Qiao Nian was just bullying her classmate, but if we do, she was actually causing intentional harm. Madam Qiao, you would be letting others walk all over you if you don’t call the cops. Some people would only take your kindness as weakness and treat you worse! I suggest you teach this kind of person a lesson.

“You would be bullied for your kindness, after all!”

She dragged out her last sentence. Even though it seemed like she was just expressing her opinion, she was essentially forcing the Qiao Family to call the cops.

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