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Chapter 254: She Found Evidence Against Qiao Chen

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Qiao Chen didn’t take the bait, she was just checking it out.

It wasn’t so easy to make her take the bait!

Just as she thought about it.

A new message arrived.

[Daji Plays With You: Boss, I’ve found it!]

[Daji Plays With You: I found it from the Eye In The Sky! Someone’s camera captured what you are looking for. Give me some time, I’ll edit it and send it to you.]

He got it?

Qiao Nian was surprised.

Her phone rang.

Two minutes later, a message arrived.

[Daji Plays With You: Alright, I’ve sent it to you already. Have a look.]

Qiao Nian noticed a new video in the chat. It wasn’t a huge file. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a long video.

She tapped on the file.

The video was blurry. The owner wasn’t pointing the camera at the staircase. The owner was just an old man trying to practice walking at the staircase.

As he walked, the camera shook.

It was pointed at the staircase above.

Qiao Chen’s face appeared for a moment.

She saw the kid as well.

She paused the video as she zoomed into it. Even though it was blurry, you could tell that the person was Qiao Chen.

Qiao Nian smiled, but her eyes turned cold.

The video continued.

She saw Qiao Chen trying to drag the kid somewhere. The kid tried to shake off her grip, but it was useless. Finally, the kid lost his patience and wanted to bite her. Qiao Nian then saw Qiao Chen let go of him. The kid lost his balance and fell down the stairs.


She couldn’t see how Ye Qichen fell, but she could hear him moaning from the pain. Then, she heard Qiao Chen’s panicked voice.

“Hey, are you alright?

“Get up, I know you’re fine. Quit acting.

“Get up, let me help you.”

“Go away, don’t touch me. I want my sister. Leave.”

“Are you done? Get up. You’re just a little cripple. So what if you fell.”


As the owner wasn’t intentional in recording them, Qiao Chen’s voice was a little muffled.

But Qiao Nian could hear what she said.

Little cripple!

Qiao Nian’s anger was stirred, and a strong fury burned in her eyes. She was reminded of how Ye Qichen cried in her arms that day, telling her not to care about him as he was just a little cripple.


It was because someone called him that!

She gripped her phone so hard her hand turned white.

The video ended.

Qiao Nian stood up straight as her eyes turned red in anger. She kept silent as she walked towards Qiao Chen’s booth.


“Why were you gone for so long? Chen Chen, what happened to your face?”

Qiao Chen calmed herself down and hid her swollen face using make-up. She then washed her hand and returned to the booth.

When she returned, Shen Qiongzhi noticed her swollen face and stood up.

“Who did this?”

Qiao Chen covered her face as she didn’t want people to notice it. She answered, “No one. I accidentally knocked into something.”

It wasn’t that she wanted to cover up for Qiao Nian, but she was humiliated too much today. Furthermore, Qiao Nian mentioned her awarded piece before she left… She felt insecure… and didn’t want to mess with Qiao Nian now.

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